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  1. I also use notepad++ and I had to change the default privileges so I could save but that still did not make the new material visible in the dropdown. However I got this advice that did work and there was an implication that different machines have different ways of doing it. Regardless this worked for me.
  2. drayson, yes I did. just to be sure I understand you have been successful with this change by doing two things 1. Create new materials file (copy existing) 2. Change the parameter "name" in the [general] section. If so then I guess I will try a complete uninstall and re-install. thanks
  3. Drayson, that is exactly what I did but it does not show up in the drop down.
  4. is there anywhere in the US to purchase Dimafix?
  5. With 2.1 there is a new section called Print Job that contails a materials drop down.\ I use NinjaFlex a lot. How can I change the default material settings to include custom materials? I found a directory (Windows) at c:\program files\cura 2.1\resources\profiles\materials that contains a CFG file for each type listed in the current dropdown. I copied one of the files and added a CFG file for Ninjaflex but it still does not show up in the drop down. Any ideas?
  6. If ever there was a good justification for a dual extruder, this is it. Very cool !
  7. I have been using a product called BuildTak with great success for PLA. I have not tried it yet for ABS. The first sheet has lasted for many prints and the only issue so far is that if there is a large flat bottom surface, it can be a challenge to get the print off, so far though I have been successful using a putty knife and patience. Most parts release with no problem. Not once have I had a warp problem or premature release on small parts since I started using it.
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