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  1. "If you notice yourself you can indeed pause and change the material. " Really? How do you do that exactly? I'm sitting in front of a brand new UM3 extended, latest version of Cura, latest firmware. Dual material print (one color and PVA support) 90 percent finished and the primary material is about to run out. Plenty of time to pause and change material. So I hit Pause. Once you pause and hit Tune, there is NO option to change materials. You can do a lot of other things, and I'm happy to list them in detail, but I've gone through the list three times including the sublist for the extruders - no option to change material. I fault myself for overestimating how much PLA I had left on the spool. That's not a big deal. But I've seen multiple posts indicating that changing materials is an option when you pause - so clearly everyone else knows something I don't. How do you do it? JDS
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