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  1. Contact Trianglelabs support? I am sure they will give you the answers you are looking for.
  2. So the test Gcode @Mendells provided is tested on our UM2 Extended printer (Upgraded to a 2+) Upgraded with DDG Extruder, PLA material. This printer normally prints black ABS so there are some small streaks of black ABS in the print but it finished ok without any underextrusion. @rebekah_harper this is how our DualDrive technology works: (old movie but still)
  3. You could also upgrade to a stronger feeder that feeds with much more force that will give you a lot more headroom before you enters skipping and grinding issues. Our Bondtech Feeder is highly appreciated from many users. /Martin
  4. The G-code for E-step will stay as a default setting and will be used but I am a bit unsure if the M907 E1000 current setting must be done at each new program or not, maybe @Neotko have an answer to this?
  5. If you replace the firmware you will have to run the g-code to set the e-step value, the command M500 saves the new E-step value into the controller so it is not necessary to run the G-code program more than once. You should also make a restore to factory defaults after you have run the g-code in order to make sure it uses the new e-step value. In order to set the current there is also a G-code for this. You can use M907 E1000 to set the current for the extrudermotor to 1000mA. But I can´t remember if this is accesible also through the lcd-menu with original UM firmware. If you are using Simp
  6. Hi @devilflash, sorry for my late reply, the g-code to change the e-steps is very simple. It is just two lines of code like this: M92 E492.45 M500 You can download the file here: Link Since the rotation direction of the extruder motor is different between UM2 and UM2+ due to the gearing the extruder will turn in the wrong direction if using UM2+ Original firmware, to correct this you can either chang the direction in the firmware and re-compile it or just swapping position of two cables in the connector of the cable. You can see how in our FAQ here: www.bondtech.se/faq
  7. Interesting. I saw Bondtech 1.75 adapter, and while I bet it works, I think with third partys, there's always the issue of differencing between 'being able to print' and 'being able to print anything'. For example, I think noone would be surprised that I dislike very very very much the Adafruit post and claim that 1.75 works on UM2 and UM3. I was thinking about making a post about the why is important to do the things right when modding a printer, but... Dunno I would need more time than what I have lately (christmas!). But umm let's do a brief resume of what I think why people always confus
  8. Hi Nigel, it could be a combination of things creating your problems but there is a feeding solution that will give you a lot more headroom before other factors limits the feeding and it is our DualDrive feeder that does not grind or slip on the filament. Here is a summary explaining how they work: https://ultimaker.com/en/community/33674-the-bondtech-extruders We have many happy Ultimaker customers all around the world. With best regards Martin
  9. It is strange that the material setting is only 50% I have never seen this before, what happens if you adjust it to 100%? @JohanP
  10. When I just started with 3D printing years ago I frequently ran into problems caused by the feeders, not specifically Ultimakers. With a background in engineering it inspired me to design my own alternative feeder. I found a great partner in the community of Ultimaker, helping in pushing this feeder to new levels by supplying valuable feedback and experiences. This all lead to the 'Bondtech extruder' The biggest difference between the Bondtech Extruder and other extruders is that it uses two counter rotating gears that are gripping the filament from both sides which minimizes the risk of grin
  11. Hi @LePaul, I just want to inform you that there is a solution available to feeding related problems and that is our Bondtech Extruder that never slips or grind the filament. We have many happy Ultimaker customers. If you want more information you can contact me at martin@bondtech.se
  12. Dear @flowalistik the gears are now available! http://shop.bondtech.se/ec/drivegears/ /Bondtech
  13. If you use the Bondtech Feeder it have much higher feeding force with minimal deformation since it uses 2 drivegears, works as good with 2.85 as with 3.0 mm filament. Please see www.bondtech.se for more information.
  14. Glad to hear that you like our extruder @catohagen ! /Bondtech
  15. Yes @paul9 the same procedure applies also the the 1.75 mm version. The E-step value for the 1.75 mm version is 476.55 compared to the 3.0 that is 492.45. /Martin
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