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  1. Yep, if this is a "fresh assembled" printer - upload the correct firmware with Cura and don't forget a subsequent "Control" -> "Restore failsafe" and "Control" -> "Store memory" (on the UltiController). This will set the correct values for steps/mm (amongst other things). Seems like the Restore failsafe and store memory fixed it, now I just need to work out the new problem of why the extruder is grinding against the filament and not feeding through the bowden tube. Thank you very much guys!
  2. Hey guys, I'm having a problem with my first ever print where at the very beginning it auto homes perfectly fine then it will lower the bed significantly, raise it a little bit again and begin attempting to print in mid-air (I have the filament retracted WAY back to stop it going everywhere while testing). I have the same result whether I print directly from Cura(v 15.04), or if I print from an SD card in my controller. Here is a video of the problem: Dropbox And here is the start of the G code. M190 S70.000000M109 S210.000000;Sliced at: Sat 28-11-2015 13:42:53;Basic settings: Layer he
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