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I got into Blender for 3D drawing because as an Bohmian Mechanic I have some theories I'd like to make models for inclusion in videos; plus I'm a DIYer and repair much around the house and saw 3D printing as a way to make replacement parts, or pieces for my inventions. Cura was suggested as my first printing program for my Printrbot, which I picked up for $250 at a Maker Faire, used. It worked flawlessly. That's one thing about used printers, they're already built, and have been used. The settings were great, as the buy that sold it is in the business of 3D printing. Lucky me. I've been enjoying it since I brought it home, and am almost through my first spool of PLA with more ordered. I've been a programmer for all but 15 years of my life. So, GCODE is a natural implementation of those skills, and CURA works well for its simplicity. I already have some suggestions for making simple improvements, and look forward to seeing what changes the developers make. So, for the time being, this forum will be my go-to forum for Cura. I look forward to being a member and helping, and getting help as time goes on. Thank you for your support, and I'll meet you inside. I've independently developed a Quantum Theory which started deviating from QM and QEM almost immediately, some things just didn't jive with me. After developing my Phase Theory, I discovered Bohmian Mechanics and to my delight discovered it paralleled my own thinking. Ever since, I've looked for ways to explain this to laymen, and peers alike and why I think it holds as a better, more complete theory than QM and QED, although in my opinion, all the most recent theories are very similar to one another. Plus Bohmian theories also hold closely to string theories too. On the side, I have many hobbies as I've always loved creativity. In addition to Reading for pleasure, I also play musical instruments (piano, guitar, to name a couple), and have my own garden... though not this year (sigh), my age and ailments interfered for the first time... that and a tiller that refused to start and I was too tired to fix right away. My skills in Blender has enabled me to make precision modifications to existing *.stl files and part them into pieces to print on my smaller table. I plan to share these with the community. The first was a mod to a $30 3D scanner that was made for a slightly larger bed. Or it would fit on my bed, if I could adjust Cura to let me fit the whole bed. See my first post. Ultimately I hope to help as much as I get help in this forum. If former contributions hold true; I will be more help, than hindrance. I rarely after getting started need to ask help, as in most forums the answers are there in one form or another. Not necessarily exactly my own problem, but close enough to find answers.

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