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  1. I'm very curious if editing the code like you did helped at all. If I had one guess to explain the error in your image (one I have seen on my printbed several times) it would be this: you broke some (or all like me?) of the blades off of the extruder fan and your extruder has a metal gear? So here's the idea, if the filament conducts heat up from the extruder barrel and to the extruder-gear area it will make it easier for the gear to "cut" or "strip" the filament, rather than pushing the filament forward. This issue is compounded by A clogged/partially clogged nozzle Wet Filament A weakened or misshapen extruder tension spring (pushes the filament against the extruder gear with a wheel) Once the filament starts to strip, the torn peices of plastic fill the extruder's gearteeth, which make further stripping more likely.
  2. I have started covering my heated bed with a dry paper towel while it's heating to insulate it and help it heat evenly. This, in addition to an acetone slurry squeeze from a paper towel over my heatbed at 105C really helps ABS plastic stick. 250C seems to be the right number for the nozzle temp.
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