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  1. OK i did the continuity test. Here is the video. You cant see in the video...but i had someone press the switch twice during the test. As you can see it was beeping even when the switch was not pressed and kept beeping whilst being switched. So it appears i have a stuck switch (internal to the switch as it still clicks). What next? A new switch?
  2. The head does move...watch the video...but it only moves away from the home position by a small amount each time i press home head.
  3. How would i do this check? Disconnect the switch and put your meter onto the Continuity Beeper setting. measure between the 2 wires and switch the switch. your meter should only beep when the switch is pressed in. If you don't have a meter you can use a battery and a light and connect them all in series. when you push in the switch the light should go on. Do you mean to disconnect the switch from the motherboard? Or just take the screws out from the top of the switch? What end am i measuring the wires ...the motherboard end or the switch end?
  4. Thanks...but the head wont home back along the x axis by itself.
  5. Someone suggested that the x switch may be stuck. How would i "unstick" this?
  6. I dont understand...the pulley systems seem OK. Is there another possible solution?
  7. It all appears tight and moving...no slippage..just doesnt want to even try and go home left along the X axis. Here is a another video.
  8. OK i've chcked again. Both motors are working. The head just wont head home once it hits the back wall. Both motors appear to work. The head just wont go left (home) once it hits the back wall. If i press "home head" the head just skips a bit to the right. Both belts look and feel super tight. Can i add another video or photo to help with the analysis?
  9. You are correct only one of the pulleys (Closest to the feeder) is working. How do i fix this? Thanks, A
  10. You are correct only one of the pulleys (Closest to the feeder) is working. How do i fix this? Thanks, A
  11. Yes both back and left clicks are working. I can move the head manually when the UM2 is turned off to home position and I get both clicks ..one for the back one for the side. The head will not move by itself to the home position. It moves all the way to the back and each push of the "home head" button just bounces it along like in the video.
  12. Hi All, My UM2 will no longer home its head instead it will just move slightly towards the back right every time i press home head in the maintenance window. Here is a video below to explain a bit better. Please help! Thanks, Adam
  13. Hi There, Thanks again for the help. May i ask why my location is important? I move reguarly and could be anywhere from week to week from NYC to Colombia (SA) London or Sydney Australia. Which one would you prefer?
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