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  1. It's called "marlin". The firmware running inside the printer is called "Marlin". Cura is the slicer but does let you upload Marlin into the printers. I don't think the firmware has changed in the last few months. Not sure. I'm very happy with my versions that are of various ages - some more than a year old. Some of the newer Marlin's have features I don't like. So I don't see any reason to rush to upgrade the firmware. I will wait with the newest Cura till its more use friendly. Keep it now to Cura 15.04 Thanks
  2. I've installed Cura 15.06.01 on my MacBook Pro, OS X Yosemite (10.10.1) But i can't install the newest Cura on my Ultimaker original+ or on a Ultimaker2
  3. Did you download 15.06 or 15.06.01? 15.06 didn't work unless you had a beta version installed prior. To day i downloaded 15.06.01 and this one works, thanks
  4. I'have downloaded Cura 15.06, but i get an error on my MacbookPro What to do?
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