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  1. Hi there, I bought Ultimaker 2 in 2015 august. It was printing fine for like 3600 hours. Recently it started acting strange. Sometimes when printing the head starts going in places where it should not go. Sometimes feeder starts feeding too fast. Sometimes starts just feeding plastic all over the place. On the back side of the PCB there are some brown areas near the drivers but nothing very serious. Cables and connectors look fine - never touched them. Maybe the board needs some additional cooling? I use a lot Pause@Z function - may it have some influence on it? I maintain it properly
  2. Thanks for commenting. Apparently cheap silicone based glue from hobby shop does the work
  3. Hi there, I need to print 300x100mm piece in FLEX material (~2 mm thick). However the bed of Ultimaker 2 allows only 220x220~. Has anyone any experience of creating joint and gluing 2 pieces printed with FLEX material so that they would maintain their flexibility and look acceptable. I heard something that silicone might work. Thanks for any ideas Šarūnas
  4. I posted details in the original post. In the essence - carefully check head assembly - check nozzle, stainless steel/Teflon couplers and bowden tube (e.g. does it fit tightly Teflon coupler). There might be too much spacing in the assembly or parts may be misaligned. All of that create unnecessary friction.
  5. I've encountered same problem. Just download 64 bit version and it will work fine.
  6. I measured nozzle temperature with tester and readings are nearly the same ( diff -2C on tester, but that's probably because I hold it by hand against nozzle) Currently I'm investigating other similar threads in forum. I will update this thread when I find solution. Retraction settings - default. Retraction is working. Bowden tube stays tight. Nozzle - Olsson block (but it was same with original nozzle) Filament - Ultimaker Gray PLA Cura 15.04.3 And I have done a few tests. One prepared GCODE from Ultimaker 2 temperature torture test TEST_PLA_TEMP_NP_2H01.gcode Another I prepared my
  7. Excuse me for not being explicit. I'm using Cura preset "High quality" (speed 50, travel 150, height 0.06)Tried increasing while printing 130% speed, nozzle started bumping into these blobs. Temp 210. Tried lowering to 200, 195, with no success. Retraction settings are default (firmware). I guess it was 4.5mm @ 25mm/s. Tried increasing it even to 5.5@45mm without no success. My observation is that while nozzle is leaving one print perimeter there is small deposit of plastic. And when it goes to the next perimeter, this small blob is being on the edge of the next perimeter. A
  8. Hi there, Update: solutions are in the end of this post Currently I am experiencing blobs and even some serious stringing, specifically when using High quality settings on Cura 15.04.2. I have been browsing forum for a while and experimenting with different retraction, print speed settings, lowering temperature, yet I did not manage to find solution. Regarding blobs - they form where nozzle approaches new printing perimeter. I am using Ultimaker PLA gray and bronze. Printer is in mint condition, no mechanical problems. Retraction works fine. In the last photos (with bronze bracelet) I
  9. Since I have plenty of quality sewing machine oil, I'll stay with plain copper bearings.
  10. Hi there, I was looking for spare pulleys and belts for UM2. I found some good looking belts from NINGBO, but they are 6mm width (UM2 has 6.5mm belts). I guess I need to use their 6mm pulleys or I'll be having problems with sliding belts. Any one of You tried sintered copper+graphite bushings? I saw some people use them.
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