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  1. I got the same issue with the extruder on my Ultimaker2 Extended. It won't stop heating. What is the solution?
  2. I removed the heat cartridge from the head and turned the printer on and it start heating up. Is it a firmware issue where there is a command letting the heat cartridge heats immediately?
  3. I have Ultimaker 2 Extended and It was working perfectly, until the filament broke while printing. I aborted the print and went to change the filament. I removed the Bowden tube and the printer turned off then on again (Electric Short). Now every time I turn on the printer the extruder heats immediately very fast until I get a max temp error. I checked the thermocouple and the heater wires everything is connected from both ends. I tried the factory reset and noting happened, now I can't check anything or use the LCD screen because I need to do the initial setup but I can't because the heating
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