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  1. Success! I printed mating M75x1.5 (from Fusion360) first using the 2mm offset and fillet (for both threads) as suggested - which was too tight, then changed both to 2.5mm and it fits nicely. I had to clean the threads a bit by rotating the parts together back and forth (a metal brush as someone suggested probably would have worked). No supports. Nice fit - no wobble, and very strong connection. Thanks!
  2. Thanks Labern and Avogra! I'm going to give it a go without supports. Low and slow.
  3. Just read through this thread, great info! Question, the standard thread profiles you guys are using have 30 degree inclines, which I would think would need supports to print. Are you guys print with supports? I have a project I'm working on that needs threads. Thanks!
  4. Version 1.0


    I built a plexiglass encasement for my Ultimaker 2. It includes an upper encasement with openable upper lid, a front openable door, and a rear HEPA filtration unit. The HEPA filtration unit has been designed for compatibility with readily available vacuum cleaner HEPA cartridges. An exhaust fan is mounted to the exterior surface of the rear plexiglass panel. The front door includes hinges, and a pair of door locks that you rotate to lock the front door closed. Because my Ultimaker 2 is my baby, I designed the enclosure completely non-destructively. None of the components are fastened to
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