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  1. I'm looking to buy a second hand fully working ultimaker 2 if you interested in selling please Send me a personal message via the site. I am based in Derbyshire UK, budget is £1200. Thanks
  2. I have been getting a few prints via the 3dhub and on one of the design there is text on two sides, the text prints on the side of the model as its printing soif you imagine the letters being printed from the bottom up (rather than as a layer on the top at the end of the print). One of the layers which is at 90% to the x axis does this great and the letters come out very clear even at 0.5mm deep. the other plane is 30% off - text printed here is a smaller surface area and I tried to print something a little smaller and it just looks like morse code/braille. It was printed at 100 micron, do you think I'm just asking too much of the printer or is there a knows "thing" with 3d printers and printing text, I even tried increasing it to be 1.5mm - 2mm high and the same outcome, any ideas ? Thanks
  3. Thanks, on their site the drop down selection lists it as 3.0mm but at the bottom says, "Your filament comes packaged for protection and storage. Choose from 1.75 or 2.85mm diameter, available by the meter (up to 90m), in 100 meter coils, or as a 750g spool." I presume it is actually 2.85mm ? Thanks for the answer re changing materials etc, I will now google a new term, "atomic pull" I'm scared of what my search engine may reveal :-)
  4. Many thanks for the replies, I have been reading the threads with interest, certainly a lot of information to take in, so far in my small research window I have concluded that PLA is a good place to start, ABS good for flex but not as easy to print (at least do it slower with higher temps and reduced fans) but that it gives of some smelly toxins, so consider XT (I think from memory), but higher temp printing is not good for the wear (on something, I forget what, lol). Having researched a bit more about materials I'd like to try various materials, pla, ninja, abs, XT, nylon etc.though appreciate they all require custom settings. What I haven't unearthed yet, though I'm sure more digging will provide the answer is,if printing different materials, do you have to switch out printing heads ? If not how do you ensure the remainder of the last filament is gone before your print starts on the new one, or do you just have to print off the excess ? But obviously nozzle (probably wrong term) would be at wrong temperature ! Do you have to clean the printing head/nozzle (correct term still unknown ) between prints ? What about printing with rubbery type filaments, can this printer do that ? I have no idea what the material would be ? I have read that buying cheap filaments is not a good idea and not to go wider than the 2.85mm eg you can buy 3m but can leads to problems as it can get stuck in the tube (technical term forgotten) . Can anyone uk based recommend a good filament supplier that has satisfied their needs, I'd rather go with recommendation that works than re-invent the wheel and come unstuck due to my poor selection of filament supplier. So many questions so little time so much content on the forum. I have read the print hubs guide and that is pretty good. Naturally I will search for the answer to all those questions on the forum too. Thanks again.
  5. Hi Community, First post here so please excuse what may come across as complete ignorance in my questions. I have been getting 3D prints for some time 3d print hub. I'm now wondering if it's time to buy my own 3d printer as I must have spent a small fortune by now. I would like a printer that is at least capable of high resolution, so I think the ultimaker is the right tool for the jobs. Here is a question just to give me an idea of how long it would take for the printer to pay for itself. Are you bound by manufacturer spools/refills or has it become like the standard printer industry where there are not manufacturer refills available at a fraction of the cost at just the same quality ? As an example, I have a 3d print that is relatively small and uses 8cm (cubed) of material (according to 3d print hub). If I had my own printer what would the cost of that much material be please (roughly) in UK GBP PLA or ABS How many cm (cubed) does a standard spool hold ? Are the materials the only running costs of a 3d printer or are there other wear and tear items that need replacing periodically after much use ? Sorry if all of this has been asked before, if so can you please point me to a thread with helpful information such as this. Thanks
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