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  1. We got a response from customer service and it seems to have fixed our issue! Also our prints are infinitely better than before the problem occurred (funny, because we just assumed the myriad of minor issues was a common occurrence such as bad infill, top layers not filling, slopes drooping/not printing, etc... ). So, for future visitors that might have the same problem - our issue was the cord (red) going to the y-axis motor was pinched behind the feeder motor. After freeing it, we've had great results with our prints. Also, again thank you for the responses gr5.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I've been printing off and on for about a month and yesterday was the first time I've had this issue. Prior it had been homing correctly (rear-left) so I'm unsure if the suggestions you have are relevant to a printer that's been working correctly (not an out-of-the-box issue). The issue started when I tried a new print, but it was the same file-format and etc. as my other prints. Other than that, nothing new has happened and a factory reset on the Ultimaker 2 didn't resolve it. I will contact customer support as well as look at your suggestions.
  3. Hi, I'm having an issue with the print-head not recognizing the y-axis properly. When manually adjusting the print-head, the metal steppers click. However, when homing, the print head does not move on the Y-axis. When printing, it slams into the front of the frame and on abort, the head does not return to it's position on the Y-axis. Attached are two videos.
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