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  1. I think i found the problem. As I looked at all the pulleys, I saw that the back right belt wasn't turning (well, wasn't continuously turning). Looking even closer, the back right pulley has no set screw and I think it continues to slip because it's not tight (at all).
  2. Well, after powering back on, it now has "ERROR - STOPPED X or Y switch broken" and to contact support@ultimaker.com
  3. Thanks for the quick response. I opened up the printer, taking off the side panel. When attempting to tighten the set screw on the stepper motor shaft (clockwise), it's already tight. The stepper motor was already mounted low on the side panel. Is there something I'm missing? By chance, are there any links with video showing this being done?
  4. I'm no expert and don't have the proper verbage with this technology, but here I go: Ultimaker 2 go printed fine 2 times since receiving it a couple days ago. Then the third small print came out leaning, which on the fourth print, it came up with "x or y axis is broken error contact support". Then when restarting it appeared to work; however, it didn't align over the build plate like it initially did when adjusting the height with sliding the paper and all. Instead, it moved over about an inch from the left corner of the build plate. I adjusted the head to the mm, then it moved to about an inch off the left front corner. SInce I couldn't adjust that, I clicked continue and it moved to the right to about center front (somewhere near there). I did a factory reset and it did the same. I've turned it off and back on and it goes back to the x or y error. What now? I've looked up these issues, but have no clue what to even attempt.
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