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  1. Now I do want to create an executable and I am getting the same error as I was getting two days ago. I tried to package it even without making any chances to the original file and even then it didn´t work. I typed the following commands: $ git clone https://github.com/daid/Cura.git $ cd Cura $ package.sh win32 and after a while of running through the package.sh file it gives the following error: Have you ever seen an error like this?
  2. Thank you gr5, I was mistaken as to what I had to do.
  3. I have made some changes to the python code that is the Cura gui and now I want to have it as a standalone program and as far as I understand this is the way to put it all together. Is this not what I have to do? I just followed what was on this link: https://github.com/daid/Cura under the "packaging" title.
  4. Yes, I have installed the latest version of Portable Python. There´s a README file but it just says the following: Cura development comes with a script "package.sh", this script has been designed to run under *nix OSes (Linux, MacOS, FreeBSD). For Windows the package.sh script can be run from bash using git. The "package.sh" script generates a final release package. You should not need it during development, unless you are changing the release process. If you want to distribute your own version of Cura, then the package.sh script will allow you to do that. The "package.sh" script understand
  5. I am trying to build Cura on Windows and I am using the command "package.sh" on git bash for Windows 7 32 bit and it is giving me the following error: I have tried everything I could think of. I also get this in the log.txt file: 7z x -y PortablePython_2.7.6.1.exe $_OUTDIR/App 7-Zip [32] 15.05 beta : Copyright © 1999-2015 Igor Pavlov : 2015-06-14 Scanning the drive for archives: 1 file, 236381640 bytes (226 MiB) Extracting archive: PortablePython_2.7.6.1.exe -- Path = PortablePython_2.7.6.1.exe Type = Nsis Physical Size = 236381640 Method = LZMA:25 Solid = + Headers Size = 22631
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