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  1. I need this badly too, any solutions?
  2. Thank you, knew it has to be there but couldn't find using windows search
  3. Hello, We've changed a burned-out Atmega on the UM2 motherboard. Want to have a clean firmware to upload to but the USB doesn't work. Where could I find the firmware file compiled somewhere in the Cura installation maybe?
  4. Hello, lowering the current has made a huge improvement on one of my UM2s: https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=F8D3D45A21801F82!165597&authkey=!AAlLutGmiMcBEu0&v=3&ithint=photo%2cjpg But the other had a much weirder problem when it would not as much as would skip steps in Z, but it would overshoot Z to start printing on air. I plan to film the whole process with a couple phones in a couple of weeks to illustrate when we start needing that printer working again. Thanks for the lowering current suggestion!
  5. Hello, does anybody know how those fans receive voltage from the motherboard? We're getting 19V at 100% speed and 24V at 0% speed. Is that correct? How does it transfer to the end of the fan wires?
  6. And I've began to notice a similar problem with another previously good printing UM2: https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=F8D3D45A21801F82!158164&authkey=!AODkrHCBIdc5mSY&ithint=folder%2c It has started to constantly skip layers by mischievously retracting. The end layers at the legs is this occuring again just at the end of printing. And the video in the same link shows how weirdly the printer is acting after finishing the print! I am not sure though if this behaviour is connected to the original problem. Sliced with Cura 15.06.03. I was told at the Google Group that it has been occurring to others and easy to fix but the guy has ironically suggested me to post this in the forums Lets hope someone with an answer hears us!
  7. Happens to me at almost every print now. I've tried slicing with Cura 14 and downgrading firmware to that of Cura 14. But it always decides to retract, skip a few layers and then continue printing without detracting back. Attached is pictures of the result and G-Code which was being printed. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B01Jt12VWzuPYXd2WHZfQXhMV0U/view?usp=sharing
  8. We've resoldered the sensor it's very accurate now and the printer works great! Thanks!
  9. Sorry to hear you're at the same boat though strength is at the numbers so more chance solving it! I have 2 UM2 from very early on but one of them has the motherboard changed this Spring. Now I'm delegating our intern to write a Python parser of the GCode to extract E moves only and search for where E movement is going back instead of forwards. Hopefully it's at the Cura end as if it is a Hardware issue, sad prints acoming.
  10. ? Hello, I've meant that the motor starts rapidly moving backwards for a long time as if it would be trying to change the filament. I'll try to find the defective line in the G-Code, hopefully it is at fault here. But I'm not sure if I can search for it effectively. Was hoping someone would have had this problem before. Will write if I get to find it.
  11. Speed around 20mm/s at 0,1 layer height, 212C. The problem manifests itself in a different way to regular skipping: It is printing slowly happily quietly and suddenly there's a noise like when changing filament, the extruder motor starts going back at rapid speed, of course grinding the filament. And then the printing resumes but without any returning of the retracted filament. It happens rarely but sometimes multiple times per print at the same spot. Sometimes the print manages to continue with ~2 layers hanging on air, mostly the print fails after this "stunt".
  12. Hello, My UM2 retracts a lot and fast once every couple of hours, always grinding filament only, not retracting, while printing support, but retraction being off. What could be the reason for it? Tried updating firmware, changing slicers between the old Cura and the most recent official one downloaded yesterday. The G-code, retraction just happened at around 3mm height +-0,5mm: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B01Jt12VWzuPOTh2VnY0LVhqbzQ/view?usp=sharing Thanks, Regards Paulius
  13. But are we correct thinking that the part we are measuring in the picture is the PT100? The part is giving us megaohms, as well as the terminals so logically this is the PT100, right? I've picked this one: http://lt.farnell.com/ist-innovative-sensor-technology/p0k1-0805-2p-b/sensor-pt100-0805-class-b-0-04/dp/1266934
  14. Hello, We have 2 UM2 and one bed has stopped working gradually, the other one has started showing precisely 20C lower and then today stopped heating always showing 46C at 26C room. We'll try the wiring today but do you think this in the picture is the temperature sensor and where can we order a new one to resolder?
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