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  1. It's solved...after some reboots and a reinstall of firmware (wasn't modified but...) the princore is recognized as AA 0.4 So changing the line width, layer height and speed adjustments in Cura are doing well (disregarding the orange warning) Also great support from Carl Beck from 3DSolex who I mailed regarding this problem. 👍
  2. Hi all, Got a new 3DSolex HardCore as replacement for the standard printcore I'm trying to print a first model with the 0.25mm nozzle, but cannot imagine how to print. On the printer's display the hardcore shows as "?? 0.4" When I set the line width to e.g. 0.25 and send the job to the printer (via network) the printer needs a reconfiguration. How can I tell the printer that he's got a 0.25 nozzle? 🤔 Is there a how to about solex printheads and ultimaker s5? I've searched in this forum but found nothing cool...perhaps someone can point me to the right search string 😀
  3. Bump! Still not fixed? Same here! The 'M' should be a 'S'
  4. Hi there! I'm using Cura 15.06 and i want to change the printing order of the shell/infill. Im 15.02. the printing order has changed and was discussed in http://ultimaker.com/en/community/view/11048-cura-15021-printing-infill-before-perimeters?page=1 I hoped that there will be a possibility to change this in 15.06....but found nothing. Is it really not implemented? This would mean that i'm not able to use the new app as it messes up the print.
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