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  1. Thanks for the info Erin! Sounds like $18 is just the cost of goods. I'm curious if I did something wrong with the shipping, though. It was something $6 or $7, which is why I cancelled. For something so small I guess I expected near postage price or free. Do i have this right?
  2. Ooo, would love to hear if that's the case! I couldn't find the TFM ones anywhere.
  3. I live in California, and am finding surprisingly limited sources for these. fbrc8 has them for $18 + $6 shipping, which seems a bit pricey for this one part. The only other alternative I've found is getting one shipped in from Europe or China. The price from China is more what I expected: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/2Pcs-3D-printer-accessory-Ultimaker-Hot-End-Isolator-Coupler-PTFE-Teflon-inner-sleeve-for-3mm-filament/32323348288.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.125f4c4diYj8d2 but is going to take 2 to 3 weeks. Will let you know if it's any good. If anybody knows a good sou
  4. Hi! Sorry (life is busy - the usual excuse!). yes, still available. I can totally send to LA. Can you send me a note at marty at yityat.com?
  5. USPS says cost to Romania would be $151.90 (UPS and Fedex were even more ludicrous at $800 to $950). Do you still want it?
  6. I can check on it. Can you give me your city so I can check pricing?
  7. In great shape! Prints beautifully. Selling it because I swapped over to using my UMO+ full time and I'd like to explore some other hobbies with my kids. It comes with a brand new role unopened roll of gray Ultimaker filament. I'm in California, and can ship in US. Asking $800.
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