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  1. thank you so much for this help. I will try this plug in and hope to report back some interesting results!
  2. yes i think optional bracing would be great even if it loses some z height...
  3. I have question about g code. I am excited to push my ultimaker to the limit! and to do so want to understand the gcode as much as possible. I use grasshopper and rhino to design parametric objects and in the past have run a cnc mil directly from gcode generated by grasshopper. GH is a visual scripting program for rhino a popular 3d modeling tool. anyway there is a plugin for gh called silkworm designed to generate gcode for 3d printing directly from gh so that a s a model changes the gcode updates. Interesting stuff. Here is the link; http://projectsilkworm.com/ . So I have some setting s I
  4. When the print is at the center of the build plate , there is some deflection so that the table moves slightly up and down, affecting the quality of the print. As the table is only supported from the back the only thing i can imagine is to keep models as close as possible the the back and slow down....I forget what speed this was happening at... Ill keep better notes in the future , now I am printing at 50... and infill at 70-100 or so,
  5. I also get a lot of wobbling on the table towards the top 3/4 of the build volume...I have been placing the prints as clise to the back as possible but this limits my size... It would be a nice feature if the machine would slowly ramp down the speed as the height increases to avoid a clear print line from a change in settings... also i wish this feature were dynamic for overhangs so that the code slowed if the overhang increases and ramps back up as the overhang lessens. Really it needs optimization. these prints take forever
  6. Been happening recently towards the middle of the spool. I guess for overnight prints i will cut the lentgh i need. Thanks
  7. I've been getting more ambitious and trying prints that take many more hours. sometimes even leaving the machine to run overnight. The biggest issue I have is the spool of filament binding. how can i avoid this? should i pre-cut the length i need an only feed the machine this on a separate empty spool? How do you best keep the spool from tightening upon it self in a tangle??? thanks
  8. I am now attempting bigger prints and They result in surface finishes that leave something to be desired. It looks like every so often material is squeezing out the size of the surface that is meant to be printed. What causes this? Am i printing too slow too fast??? any ideas? thanks
  9. Hey forum, i just downloaded the updated cura and this stop at height tweak at height ruined my first print on the new software. how do i disable it? how do i use it? whats it for? my machine retracted the filament so far that it started printing without having filament anywhere close to the nozzle.... any advice is appreciated thanks.
  10. thanks to all for your advice. I will start to experiment based on this and keep notes as to what works best! appreciate the help. E
  11. Any posts or guideline to help me best balance speed with quality when printing PLA? Is there a chart that can help guide me? Thanks
  12. Is there some way for getting visual feedback from Cura as to which areas need supports? Thanks
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