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  1. How did you make out with the 297MXL025G belts? I too JUST got in replacements for my Ultimaker Original and they are indeed the 300 MXL belts which are too big (by a hair). The original Ultimaker instructions were clear about making sure they were tight. I got this response from the supplier support team: "We do have the same thing on our UMO, that one of the belts are not as tight as the other belt (not drastically but a bit of sagging). When we brought it up to support about the issue, we were told that it was normal and could get a tensioner but didn’t need it. After 2 years, turns out they were right since the belts don’t stretch and are notched, things have been working fine even without a tensioner. " Hoping for some direction here. Thanks!
  2. Could you post the log file? 15.06.03 works fine. The save button properly turns into 'Print with USB'
  3. I've been an Ultimaker / Cura user for about 3 years now. I've downloaded and installed 15.06.02 and I can't even find a PRINT button. All I have is a "Save to Disk" button in the lower right. I see that in the release, one of the line items is: We've made sure that USB printing and firmware updates work on all supported platforms. I'm connected, and I've updated the firmware on my UM original. There is no print button. Any help?
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