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  1. A few days ago I started a print and it had stopped mid print, I was unsure what the issue was because the print was completely fine. The next few times the same thing happened but it wasn't getting as far into the print. I filmed it to see what was happening because I assumed it was a built in safety feature - but actually it seems that at a certain point the power supply shorts (my language could be completely wrong when it comes to electronics I am a 1/10 in general knowledge). Its also possible that Cura is resetting itself but I assume it would just show an error instead. After looking at advice on here, I disconnected the power supply and put it back in thinking the connection may have been loose. However, now it doesn't work at all and when I go to manually adjust the nozzle temperature - as soon as I go above room temperature the printer automatically reboots. Should I get a new power supply or are there other things I should look into/test first?
  2. Glad you got this sorted... couldn't help noticing that you didn't get much help or support from the community though??? I've got the same problem and after reading through the forum it seems to be a common one and usually down to the main circuit board. Can you tell me if your machine was still under it's 12 month guarantee/warranty please? Hi Artiz - just to let you know that this was within my warranty and I got a free replacement - sorry for the slow reply. As an aside to moderators, I think it would be good to automatically opt in forum posters to receive emails if their threads have had a comment/response. I would have definitely supported(the little I can offer) in this instance if I received that - despite the best of intentions I only visit the forum if I myself have a problem. Having spent a lot of time in online communities like this in other pursuits (an ebay business, professional gaming, poker) this forum seems overly reliant on a few people. I do think this is a natural trend happening with a lot of online communities but I do think you could engage the network effect more. Edit: I just checked to edit my settings: (1) Even though my settings suggest I should receive a weekly summary of relevant forum activity - I don't receive that. My email is correct and its not going to junk. Maybe check the CRM system. (2) I would consider changing the default for 'topic and posts' and 'private messages' to be immediately instead of weekly summaries. I think this is a common approach and few will be offended.
  3. For posterity: I somehow managed to disconnect the circuit board, only to reconnect the exact same one (rather than the new one). Once I realised this and connected the new one, my printer is back up and running and working great. The problem was with the Z driver, which means that is advice is indeed golden.
  4. Bump! Any ideas on this one? Am at a complete loss as to what to do.
  5. So I followed the above and shared with ultimaker support who then sent me a replacement circuit board. I've installed that today but I am still getting the same error. I either get Z switch stuck, if I manually move the buildplate such that the trigger screw is touching limit switch. Or Z switch broken if the plate is not in a position. Within pronterface, disconnecting the Z end stop has not impact on ability to move Z axis (still doesn't move). The Z axis will only move if I switch the X and Z stepper motors as before with my old board. Which leaves me with two conclusions: 1) The above instruction does not cover all possibilities and it is something else that is causing my issue. Is is possible that the issue is actually with the Z switch despite that pronterface and ultimeter test? 2) The Z driver is broken on both circuit boards I assume (1) is much more likely, so appreciate any other advice of things I can try to fix. FYI I did factory reset so I currently can't escape step 4/25 of the Ultimaker set up process. But I have updated to the latetst Cura firmware.
  6. I found the below post on another thread and went through the different steps. After connecting to pronter face I was only able to move the X and Y axis, not the Z axis which apparently means its not a problem with the limit switch? I then swapped the motors for the X and Z motors and was then able to move the Z axis, which according to below would mean a problem with the Z driver? Anything else I can do other than contact supporti? Given I had to change the wiring for the heated bed replacement I wonder if there is anything else obvious that I might have inadvertently screwed up?
  7. Thanks Tinkergnome, I'm pretty sure its not an issue with the trigger screw because I didn't touch that bottom part of the buildplate and its not moving at all when I turn it down. I measure the continuity and seem to be registering an electrical path when its off (open) and on (pressed down, with click). I also tried to measure resistance and it seemed it may have been the same in both positions, though I found it difficult to get a stable reading with my multimeter so not sure how much stock to put into that. Anything else you recommend, I also did a factory reset and updated firmware.
  8. Hi All, Having a really frustrating fortnight with the UM2. Out of the blue my heated bed broke and UM sent me a replacement. I've finally changed everything over and the heated bed is working again and I was looking forward to printing.... However, when I went to set up a print I got a completely new error: ERROR STOPPED: Z switch stuck. I have followed advice found on UM2 and forum for this but when I press the Z switch with my finger it clicks + there isn't anything blocking the switch and the connection to the mainboard looks good. Any ideas of what else I can do to fix/troubleshoot? I am making personalised chocolates with the help of my printer and this is making that very difficult so my offer in return for your support is personalised milk chocolate in a design of your choice if you can help me ou Thanks!
  9. I'm at my wits end with this one....so apologies if this a bit ranty. When I feed the filament, it often gets stuck just before going into the nozzle. This has been happening since I got the printer and the only solution is to manually feed the filament into the nozzle and then slide the bowden tube over this. It prints ok after doing this but I often get clicking during prints and my printer seems to struggle with all but the most basic prints - even when going to a slow speed (30mm). So why isn't my filament going into the nozzle on initial load? This isn't a bowden issue - I've wiggled it and it connects to the white teflon thing. I feel like I've troubleshooted a lot: This isn't a bowden issue - I've wiggled it and it connects to the white teflon thing. I also bought a new bowden tube.I have dismantled the feeder and tried different tensions but that didn't happen. Then because I thought maybe there was a small blockage in the nozzle after reading this forum I dismantled my hot end and reassembled it with all new components. I broke the temperature sensor in the progress so I had to get a new one (is this a design flaw? I can't imagine that many people can change that without breaking it). But even after reassembling I still have this same issue. I don't really know what else to do now. Anyone know whats happening - is it just faulty and a misalignment somewhere?
  10. Thanks that is really helpful. It seems pretty simple fix so I hope it is right! I'm wondering how extrusions differ depending on how close the nozzle is to the bed? How does the printer sense that? I would expect the bed not being level to mean that the print was just quite messy - but it to be equally messy over the whole print. Can you explain how that relationship between bed level and volume of extrusion is working?
  11. I recently got an Ultimaker 2 but haven't used it too much as have had quite a few issues which dampened my enthusiasm -- probably pretty silly not to past here earlier! Basically my printer is under extruding on one side and I'm not sure why. In fact its kind of printing inconsistently throughout (flow seems different throughout). This is using PLA (which I have always used). Here are the things I've done to try and fix it? I just bought a new bowden tube so its not that. I did the atomic method and it came out perfect cone shape[ I have tried a range of different temperatures and speed combinations Have dismantled the feeder and messed around a bit with the tension - with the caveat being that I wasn't really sure what I was doing so I'm not sure how effective it was Have moved the filament roll onto the floor instead of stool What else should I be checking? Any help greatly appreciated!
  12. Hi All, looking forward to becoming active member of community. I received my ultimaker yesterday and have been impressed by its usability. However, I have unfortunately had a lot of issues with my initial prints. I’ve successfully completed one print but 10+ others have ended like the version attached. Essentially the nozzle gets stuck midway through the print and creates this blob type of plastic. The successful print involved adjusting the build plate, reducing speed to 50% and increasing temp to 230 with PLA. Why do you think I am experiencing this? I think maybe my build plate is wrong because it seems to occur because of inaccuracy in the print layers. I.e. multiple imbalances adding up over time which mean that some way through the print it ‘catches’ an existing layer and gets stuck there? Am sure this is counter intuitive and is making problem worse but I tried moving nozzle further from the build plate thinking it was ‘too close’ but this increases the inaccuracy and imbalances I guess. I got concerned that this would clog the nozzle but did the atomic method this morning and all seems fine. Other relevant comments are that after every failed print I have to reload the material because it looks like this: And there is some slight grinding on the filament. Is this to be expected. Am I good to focus on recalibrating build plate or should I be thinking about anything else to reduce this issue. I was surprised that I couldn’t find examples of others experiencing the same thing. Thanks in advance!
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