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  1. Hi neotko,

      I have been using Eumakers 2.85mm PLA for some projects and I must say i am very satisfied. Inside de spool packaging I found silica gel bags and an hermetic plastic bag to better save the material from humidity. Concerning the tempertures, I have been using it between 210°C-215°C with good results. The Blue metallic PLA is very nice.

    Here are some of pics:




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    The new Cura doesn't open *gcode files like the old version would. Sometimes this is needed if you want to see what's inside the file.


    The old cura opened gcode files, but they always looked blank to me and only showed up in layer mode f

    or some reason? but i guess if the new cura doesn't load them at all them thats no good for you. I still use the old cura, any reason in particular you are using the newer one, other than its newer btw?


    I am not mourning. I am simply trying to improve Cura with my feedback. Of course I can still use the old Cura version, and one don't need to be a genius to arrive to that conclusion.

  3. 1) The program graphics is heavier and it is not fluid has the old versions. This is the reason why i like so much the old version

    2) There is not the plug-ins tab with pause at height and Tweak at Z

    3) Fonts are too small - you should include a preference to personalise the Font size

    4) Information about estimated time, material quantity and height ( this last is missing) should be under the new CURA logo. with lots of visibility because it is the most important information.

    5) The background should be a little bit darker, so it can create better the felling of space.

    6) This Graphic Style with missing edges it's so old fashion. I would prefer the simple squared button with plane colour.

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