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  1. Having read a few more forums where this problem is reported: https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues/1022 It appears it is caused because unused USB card readers and probably built in ones, report that the drive letter exists but if you try to use it you get the error. All that needs to be done is to test the drive BEFORE Windows can throw up the error. If the drive is not usable, then launch the programme without the previously used drive being read.
  2. I have Cura 2.5.0. Used once. Next time insists: Please insert a disk in to drive D: My SD card is G: and I have never saved to it from Cura. I'm using Windows 10 v1607. Sorry, this is definitely a Cura problem if it happens on multiple machines. The bigger oversight is that neither cancel nor the continue work. The former should exit the app the latter should skip past the error! Please fix. I appreciate that you have done a lot of work on this version 2 code but sorry again, I still think that Cura 15.04 is the more reliable code base.
  3. Every time I load or drag and drop any STL file a few moments later a message appears to say the Cura Engine has crashed. That is with Cura 15.06.02 I reverted to Cura 15.04 and that works perfectly. Any ideas? I've started a thread on Github https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues/180
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