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  1. Thank you for the responses! I was able to unclog the nozzle by heating it and inserting a needle and doing the Atomic method a few times. I have successfully printed 3 small (less than 2 hour) prints with 2 different filaments. It seems to be working ok. My guess is it was caused by some dust that got caught in the nozzle. The feeder seems to be working normally. I didn't need to burn the hell out of anything...yet. I'm still learning.
  2. I've been using an Ultimaker at work successfully for a few months. No big issues that couldn't be resolved by checking out the forum/community here. Yesterday I started a 14 hour print that was printing well when I left for the day (about 6 hours into the print). When I came to work this morning the print had failed and I found these odd little plastic drops/balls on the print bed. [images below]. I'm wondering if anyone has ever seen something like this before. The print seems to have failed due to a clogged nozzle - haven't been able to unclog it yet but should be able to when I find a needle or something small enough to fit in the nozzle (atomic method hasn't been able to unclog it). I was using 2.85mm Ultimaker Silver Metallic PLA filament. Any ideas/answers appreciated.
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