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  1. I used Octoprint for several months but I recently switched to Repetier Server (https://www.repetier-server.com/) combined with a raspberry pi3 and the 7" Touchscreen.

    There is also a repetier iOS app which sends me a notification when my print is finished or when there was an error.

    I'm using a no-ip.biz domain, opened the correct port on my router for the raspberry pi and I was set to go.

    I couldn't be more happy with this solution. Octoprint looked a bit oldskool compared to Repetier server.

    I'm sending gcodes wireless from my macbook to my printer and start the print. Works like a charm!

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  2. Anyone got any good settings on steelfill? I printed some parts, but they crumble like cream crackers when you apply a little pressure on them.


    yes, I'm using S3D though.

    flow = 105%

    retraction = default (4,5mm & 25mm/s)

    layer = 0,25mm

    heated bed = 50 C°

    print temp = 210 C°

    cooling = 50%

    print speed = 50 mm/s

    travel speed = 200 mm/s

    Those settings gave me this result :


    I had a another awesome print with steelfill but it got broken during post processing :p

    It's a pretty amazing filament but it's also pretty expensive to play around with. :)

  3. Hello,

    You are posting in the wrong forum, this is for the UM3 owners. :)

    About your issue. You could try to heat the nozzle up to 200°C and remove the nozzle to clean all the filament that got stuck on your olsson block. Also clean your nozzle while it's warm, but don't burn your fingers. Screw your cleaned nozzle back to the olsson block and tighten it while it's 200°C hot to make sure there is no filament blocking it.

    Good luck :)

  4. But I reinstalled the most recent firmware with Cura and my problem was solved.

    Maybe you can try that?

    It was worth a shot...but no go.  :-(  Thanks for the suggestion though.  The ironic thing is that the display would be just readable if I could turn off the LEDs...but they are so bright they wash out what little backlight the control panel is emitting.

    damn... I hope your reseller gives you a proper solution very soon. :)

  5. I had the same issue with my UM2+ a few weeks ago. Except my display was not blurried out, it had mass artifacts on the display. (full of mini blue squares)

    I thought "omg now I need to get my printer in the car and drive to the reseller and wait a few weeks before I'll have it back"

    But I reinstalled the most recent firmware with Cura and my problem was solved.

    Maybe you can try that?

  6. I've used Toshibas FlashAir Wifi SD cards in all my printers, mapped as WebDAV shares, so it shows up as a drive in Windows - or via the built in (very rudimentary) browser upload page. Love it.

    Works great in all of them, except for my Ultimaker 2+. No chance getting it to work, even tried the competing Transcend WifiSD, same problem, no go. It would require firmware change.

    I stopped using them when I got hooked on Reptier-Server (the non free Octoprint alternative).


    Thanks for the tip, I'll give Reptier-Server a try :)

    Are you using a Raspberry Pi to control you UM2?

  7. hello,

    Topic says it all right? :)

    I was reading some articles about wifi enabled SD cards and it seems those cards are more reliable than a few years ago.

    Anybody who has experience with these wifi sd cards and an Ultimaker?



    Just checking because I've ordered the new macbook pro 15" and it has no SD card slot anymore :(

    I know there are adapters available but still, wifi would be better :)



  8. A decent company would have announced 1 year ahead on the new release that would give time to customer, and for sure the ultimaker 2+ go gradually down in price, but no they wanted to make as much money then bam in your face


    You have no clue what you are talking about matey.

  9. @frederiekpascal I'm only making a point on that it is worth including(unlike nameless random china brand filament sold by 123inkt.nl for example), not on the pricing.

    If you are willing to pay for certainty, like many companies are, then buying the UM filament from UM with the NFC in the UM3 is a great option. Like I said, it also renders the inclusion in filaments.directory rather redundant.


    Understood, I was one of the victims with the bad silver UM PLA, that's why i'm not a fan of it anymore... And also I got the same results with ICE PLA :)

    But you are right it should be included in the filaments directory. ;)

  10. @daid @nallath @sandervg

    True, developing a good search is not easy.

    But why don't you replace your current search engine with a custom Google search if you are not able to develop your own search?



    Or do we hope new users find this thread and know your search is not working so they can start looking for answers on www.google.com ?

    My guess is you're losing many visitors with this way of working. :)

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  11. We could have added a different camera, but it would have increased the price even more. Besides that, we use a pretty standard camera port, so upgrading it shouldn't be that big of an issue right ;)


    Point taken but a decent small camera of that size costs around 25 euros, that won't change much to the 4500 euros for the extended imo.

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  12. Not much information about the camera.

    What are the features of the stream?

    - Can you record movies, possible to make timelapse movies?

    - I've read the stream is located in Cura. Is there a way to watch the stream with VLC of with any webbrowser?

    Also, the UM3 is a wifi hotspot correct? Is there a way to send commands to the printer with a webbrowser or Cura? I mean like octoprint, you can change the temperature, speed, etc etc with a webbrowser. I mean, is there any other use of the wifi feature besides sending a stl to printer to print?


    We don't know what PVA will cost yet I believe. It could be very very expensive,


    About the PVA;

    Ultimaker PVA 350gr : 48,34 (incl. tax)  - tried it, it works

    Makerpoint home brand PVA 500gr : 39,95 - bought it, will try when I finished the UM

    Innofil Innosolve PVA 500gr : 72,95 - won't try it, too expensive.

    E3D scaffold 500gr : 45,- GBP : need to try that sometime, heard good things about it.


    I've read somewhere (correct me if I'm wrong) that an open PVA spool loses it's quality fast? So it's better not to leave an open PVA spool for months in your desk?

  14. This is a dirty port of the new Cura feature that allows to change acceleration depending of what you print. It should work on other Ultimaker models (and probably any printer with accel/yerk control), but is untested. Worse case scenario it can cause Stuttering on the board, but I don't think it should be a big issue. Original idea from Cura, kudos to @Nallath <3and his team for thinking about this to improve the print quality



    {REPLACE "\n; skirt\n" "\n;skirt\n\nM204 S3000.00\n\nM205 X20.00\n"}{REPLACE "\n; raft\n" "\n;raft\n\nM204 S2000.00\n\nM205 X10.00\n"}{REPLACE "\n; outer perimeter\n" "\n;outer perimeter\n\nM204 S500.00\n\nM205 X5.00\n"}{REPLACE "\n; inner perimeter\n" "\n;inner perimeter\n\nM204 S2000.00\n\nM205 X15.00\n"}{REPLACE "\n; gap fill\n" "\n;gap fill\n\nM204 S1000.00\n\nM205 X10.00\n"}{REPLACE "\n; solid layer\n" "\n;solid layer\n\nM204 S500.00\n\nM205 X5.00\n"}{REPLACE "\n; infill\n" "\n;infill\n\nM204 S3000.00\n\nM205 X20.00\n"}{REPLACE "\n; bridge\n" "\n;bridge\n\nM204 S1500.00\n\nM205 X10.00\n"}{REPLACE "\n; support\n" "\n;support\n\nM204 S1000.00\n\nM205 X10.00\n"}{REPLACE "\n; dense support\n" "\n;dense support\n\nM204 S500.00\n\nM205 X5.00


    Have fun printing!


    what exactly does this do?

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