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  1. Hi, Thanks for getting back on this. Could you let me know if there is any plans for fixing the command line issue in the near future? I downloaded a slightly older version of Cura (Cura 15.04) and it works perfectly well. But rather than ask our users to download an older version, it will be much better if it works with the latest. Also, going forward, it would be better if have a communication channel open between our organizations so that we are aware of Cura releases upfront. That would help us ensure that the interop between Fusion360 and Cura works seamlessly across Fusion and Cura releases. Could you provide me with the contact information of someone in your organization that we could talk to regarding this. Thanks Gautham
  2. Hi, I notice that with the new release of Cura (15.06.03), I am not able to open an STL file in Cura through the command line on a Mac. For eg., if I try to open an stl file in Cura using the "Open With" command in the context menu for an stl file (in the Finder, right click on a stl file > Open With > choose Cura), it launches Cura, but fails to open the stl file. It works fine on Windows. Is this a known problem? Can we expect a fix for this issue soon? And, is there a workaround for this. I work on Autodesk's Fusion360 modeling application. We have a command in Fusion to send a 3d model to Cura for 3d printing. With the new release Cura, this workflow is completely broken due to this issue I am reporting. Any help much appreciated. Thanks Gautham
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