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  1. Hello, We have the ultimaker 2 Extended. The back belt is running a bit saggy and we just wanted to tense it up again. Just wondered if anyone had a way to do this and some tips before we dive in. Mitch (Blue Box Energy)
  2. Hello, my name is Mitch and I work for Bluebox Energy which is based in the heart of the south of England. We have the Ultimaker 2 extended 3d Printer. It is set up in a built enclosure and we print with ABS. We print with the inbuilt setting for ABS with the fans speeds slightly lower and we have put blue tape with ABS (broken down with Acetone) on top of the bed plate. After a month or so of successful printing, the the 3d printer has reverted back to old habits and developed new ones. Attached I have some photos. My question is to anyone that can help. Is there something we haven't thought of? or anything we can do? Mitch (Project Engineer) [media=3987] [media=3988] [/media][/media]
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