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  1. Ah, gr5, I found "Layer View", and that is helpful. However, I still need to know what settings to use to get a skirt to print. Thanks again, Jack
  2. Hi, gr5, Thanks for the response. First, no, I meant "skirt". I can get the brim to print, but I want to print the skirt to prime the hot end before it even gets close to the model. How do I find "layer view" in Cura? I'm using 15.04. Thanks! Jack
  3. Hi all, I've had my printer, a Printrbot Simple Metal, for about two weeks. It used to print skirts, which I desperately need for the smaller models I print, but now it doesn't. I've read about setting this-or-that setting, but nothing has worked and I'm stumped. I'm sure I'm just overlooking something. I did re-flash the firmware after I noticed the problem, but no joy. Can anyone help? I'm posting a picture of my config. Thanks in advance, Jack
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