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  1. Thanks for that, much appreciated
  2. Trying to print an cylinder sliced with cura (happens with both with 3.3.0 and 3.2.1) and the print head stutters a little while printing the circles, it almost even pauses for a split second. This is causing the surface to have little blobs on it. After doing a bit of reading, I've found that the Marlin firmware does this with very high resolution circles / curves. I have exported the STL at a quite high resolution from solidworks which is something I've always done. What I don't understand is, why when slicing the same model with Simplify3D, the printer doesn't do this,
  3. @gr5 This was occuring during single extrusion prints using Extruder 2. I also find it weird that something like this would occur because of firmware, but going back to 3.7 fixed the problem (could be a coincidence, I'm not sure) @Msuurmond I'll keep testing and see what happens, maybe it is a hardware issue with my machine / printcore that is occuring intermittently.
  4. Ever since upgrading to this firmware, the temperature of Extruder 2 is all over the place. While printing, for example, temperature set to 210, will stabilize at 210 and then all of a sudden, will drop rapidly to sometimes as low as 185 and then go back up, sometimes not all the way to 210 before dropping rapidly again. This happens throughout the print. Also just noticed 4.0 (after downgrading) is doing the same thing. I downgraded to 3.7 and the problem is gone.
  5. Should also add that you get better quality prints as well (at least I do) as it allows PID bed heating instead of "bang bang". For me this got rid of banding completely
  6. I haven't tried accessing other video streams, I might have to do that and see what happens. I have noticed some issues with some security cameras I have lately, doing something similar, not being accessible from my local network at times, while still being accessible remotely. I'll have to see if the problems occur at the same time.
  7. I have a bit of a weird problem with my UM3 connection. For starters, the printer is connected to my wifi network without any problem there, any time I check on the printer, it has an IP address. I setup a dynamic DNS and port forwarding on my router so that I can access my printer's video stream remotely using "myddnsaddress:8080/?action=stream" , that works fine, all the time without issues. However.. My connection in Cura to the printer on my wifi network keeps dropping out randomly, printer becomes unavailable and then available again (in cura), when it drops out, I can't access the pr
  8. JohnK

    Traffic Cone

    Version 1.0


    Just received our UM3 and decided to print something small and simple to test dual extrusion. Printed in Colorfabb PLA/PHA Dutch orange and white Results are great!
  9. So far, the long prints I've done have been fairly detailed so I've only used the 0.4mm nozzle. The longest print I've done was just under 30 hours. I'm in the process of printing this Toyota engine http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:644933, I've printed everything except the block which is a 35 hour print with the 0.4mm nozzle, I may go up to 0.6mm not sure yet. I have used the 0.8mm for vases and bowls which saved a huge amount of time and the quality is really nice!!
  10. ...in this case there's a chance that it depends on the displayed values... If it works with V16.01 - can you share a picture of the screen? I've no other idea a.t.m. Here's a pic of my stats (was taken while on 16.01)
  11. That's normal - your printer's lifetime has expired... (just kidding) Seriously: is it reproducible? Has anyone else noticed the same behaviour? Tried reloading the firmware, still having the same issue... didn't have the issue with 16.01
  12. @Tinkergnome , just thought I'd mention, in the latest version of the firmware 16.03 for UM2, when I select "runtime stats", the machine just reboots instead of displaying the stats. Thanks
  13. JohnK

    Nozzle Cube

    Version 1.0


    Just something I designed to hold my nozzles, holds 6 of each size (0.25, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0) with printed 6x1 mm threads. Printed in Colorfabb PLA/PHA Ultra Marine Blue filament.
  14. One thing I've come across while using this great firmware... When the printer generates a "heater error" and stops printing, the nozzle just stays where it is and it's like the feeder continues to try and extrude filament endlessly, I had to turn the machine off to stop it. I'm not sure whether this happens in the standard firmware. Is there a reason the printer doesn't home the head when this happens ?
  15. @gr5 it's apparently a feature since version 15.07.3 From the github releases page... changed in this release: Configurable heater timeout to prevent carbonized residues in the nozzle - cool down nozzle after a configurable period of inactivity (Preferences -> Heater timeout) - (re-)heat nozzle if necessary (to resume a paused print or change material)
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