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  1. are the files dxf? could you share them yes I can, send me your e mail
  2. no big deal, i solder another chip on the display board,replacing the damaged chip, and now it works fine
  3. i had the same problem, for me the display controller was at fault, ( i started the printer, go through startup and after 30 sec or so it froze up) if you have any of those ramps display try using it, you only need to change in marlin the display tipe. that's how i found that the ultimaker board was fine
  4. any updates? btw what do you think about the new extruder on um2+
  5. from aliexpress I got the most things, as for the frame i prepared the files myself and used a local cnc service ( it cost me about 70euro )
  6. I have made my printer from mdf and this is my printer now
  7. my budget was low at the time, I couldn't afford a mean well power adapter, so I had to try the 24v 7.5 A ( witch cost me 20$) and the printer works just fine for now, the only thing is that the hotbed takes long to heat up, I don't really know how much a real ultimaker 2 bed takes to heat up, but mine takes about 6-7 min which is no big deal. and I don't have a tool to measure how many amps my printer draws
  8. I used a power supply from a tv ( it's 24v and 7.5 amps and looks a lot like the ultimaker power supply ) I just had to add the 4 pin connector, and all this cost me abot 20$(it was second hand). if you chose to do like me and save some money make sure you get the + and - correct. It works for me but the hotbed take a lot to heat up about 6 min. that may just be because the ultimaker uses a 9.2 A , or ,my hotbed is not that good ... btw be careful with the extruder motor, it's 0.9 degree stepping angle not 1.8 like the others
  9. i's not cheap, even with the Chinese parts, I have made my own ultimaker clone, and it cost me about 600 euro for the parts ( not all parts ware new like the power adapter) and I had to improvise with the wiring, soldering. As for the frame it was to expensive even in China ) over 270$, so I had to make my own, I have search for a CNC service, I have gave them the file with the frame and they cut it for me for 60$ in MDF material. And this is how it looks now:
  10. Could i use this http://eu.mouser.com/Search/m_ProductDetail.aspx?Murata-Electronics%2fPRG18BB101MB1RB%2f&qs=6lQhdzjDw%252b9LAdLtrUw1Yg%3d%3d ?
  11. I had a bad day :( I almost finish my printer, but the hotbed temperature sensor didn't work... and I can't do anything until I change the termisor, if anyone know where I can get a thermistor for the ultimaker 2 hotbed, let me know
  12. I want to paint it now, what color should I use ? Black or White?
  13. i'm about to make my frame next week for ultimaker 2, I see that you used plexiglass for the sides, I will make mine form mdf, is that wrong?
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