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  1. I had exactly the same problem. My silicone seal was totally worn out as a result of failed prints that clogged up the nozzles. I removed it and put some duct tape over it with holes for the nozzles. I can easily print up to 250 degrees again. I did however order some new seals. They come at 3 euro's and hence must be the cheapest spare part of an UM....which is by the way still a fantastic printer.
  2. I just bought myself a big spool of Colorfabb Ngen Clear. OMG, do I regret this. I've tried all kinds of combinations. Nozzle, infill, temperature. I get something translucent but not transparent. But on the positive side. I've now got myself a big useless spool I can experiment with because the quality of the prints is still very good.
  3. Hi, Well, I have my UM3 for a few months now. In the meantime I've had several clogging problems. Most could easily be solved with all the tips and tricks you can find on the internet. However, two cores seem to be beyond cleaning. That is 200 EUROs. I also have a UM original. There you could take the nozzle of and e.g. dump it into boiling water or use a blow torch. It always worked. UM should provide proper cleaning instructions. They talk about a 0.4mm needle. So, great, provide it. And produce print cores that can be taken apart. 100 EURO's after about 50 prints isn't acceptable.
  4. I had the same problem. I reported it to the shop where I bought the printer and I will get new ones for free. Forgot to ask whether the problem is solved in the meantime. I guess so, otherwise they would not be that easy. I will let you know.
  5. Directly after I posted the previous message I sent a mail to the shop. 5 minutes later I got a reply (it's 9:30 PM over here, what a service !). The shop will take sure UM sends 4 new blocks ASAP. Seems like UM is aware.
  6. I've got exactly the same problem. Pretty soon after I got the UM3 I noticed a crack in the back sliding block. Now 2 months later I see that two other ones have the same problem. Although it doesn't look very hard to replace them yourself, I guess it's wiser to bring it back to the shop. My main concern however is, is this a construction issue. I have the impression. So, what guarantees that the problem is not going to occur again. Aren't the guys from UM following these forums? It would be great if they could comment.
  7. I was just installing the UM3. When inserting the second (BB) print core I noticed it comes lower than the first (AA) one. From the few pictures I find on the internet, that seems normal. But I can't say it feels normal. Anyone who can say more about this?
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