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  1. Good day friends, Whenever I resume a print job after a pause the layer shifts, what could the problem be? I do not shift or disturb the hot glass. How do I solve this problem? Thanks.
  2. @SandervG @nallath. thanks a lot. I have checked the reseller option, what the market needs now here in Africa is not just a reseller and as such the reseller model will not work yet. I will send the mail to you @SandervG Thanks.
  3. Hello friends, its been along time. Its been a lot of challenge marketing 3D printing in Africa as the awareness is still very low. Please I would like to get in touch with Ultimaker HQ, who do I write to and how to do I reach out. I got an invite to a south African 3D printing event next year and I intend meeting ulti maker there to develop a partnership to sell the ultimaker printers here in Africa. How do I get the proper person to contact? Thanks.
  4. The atomic method worked like magic! I have also read up on the olsson block as you suggested @stu_le_brew I will oreder it immediately. My only problem is shipping. Why does everybody in Europe use DHL and UPS, these are too expensive for us here. I will order spare parts and the olsson addon once I sort out shipping.
  5. @Labern @stu_le_brew ...what better way to tell you thank you and that your suggestions worked than to give you this picture as my expression of gratitude[/media]
  6. @ultiarjan @DidierKlein @stu_le_brew @SandervG I think i have a damaged nozzle. I dismantled it yesterday and used heat to clear a clog in it. I used a needle to remove the residue. I restarted a 6 hour print job and towards the end I started noticing underextrusion. The job finished but there was a clear differnece between the quality at the beginning and the quality at the end. After the job, I wanted to continue another job but the filament was no more extruding. I disassembled the head again and removed the nozzle and used heat and needle to remove the residue but yet there was no extrusion. Instead, when the filament gets forwarded and reaches the nozzle, I hear a 'kink kink' sound. I have tried everything possible yet my nozzle is no more extruding. What should I do? I have a job to finish before Wednesday. Urgent please.
  7. @stu_le_brew...that is lovely. You designed it? Let me share my experience today...I was doing a print with a filament and my nozzpe got blocked ( I was printing PLA at 260 degs). I dismantled the printhead, took out the block and used an external heat source to clear out the blockage. I was a bit scared, I will not vet it right but when i assembled everything back, it started printing very well. I will upload the work once I'm done...
  8. Oh...I thought you meant the teflon...loool. I did love a lot more people to buy ultimakers over here, then I will have a local community. You guys have been great but I also want to have meet ups where I meet other users in person. Maybe the ultimaker team should come up with a marketing plan for Africa especially Nigeria with our population of 190million + people.
  9. @stu_le_brew....it turned easily without any resistance. Just wondering, if it breaks, can't it be 3D printed?
  10. @ultiarjan @DidierKlein, thanks a lot. I have done that successfully. Currently doing another print.
  11. @all, I am working on separating the Teflon by 2mm from the coupler but the spring keeps pushing the teflon back. How am I supposed to do this?
  12. Thanks @stu_le_brew I hope I understand what you said, i will look out for a picture showing the fan at the proper angle. @DidierKlein, thanks @SandervG, loool...at white background. A piece of paper that got blown and stuck there while working this morning.
  13. I am doing multicolor prints and my friends are loving it. Please can I have suggestions on how to make the prints better.
  14. Good morning all, Reporting from Africa, I woke this morning before sunrise and just went through all the procedures already listed. Pulleys checked, axes cleaned and lubricated, all 6 screws tightened even reduced motion amperage to 1200 and it worked! Inreally dont know which procedure did the trick but I changed back amperage to 1300 and it still works well. I printed the most beautiful pyramid you have ever seen...lool. I am really very happy and getting more confident by the day. It threw the heater stopped error to me some minutes ago, and I solved it by reducing fan speed. I am loving the experience and I hope when I start getting people to buy 3D printers I will be ready to pass on the skills and even service other peoples machines
  15. @ultiarjan....the shift occurred very close to base so a picture will not show it clear enough. @shurik, I have done that yet, after the first 3 or 4 layers( i'm printing with 0.1mm) the shift still happens. What could be wrong?
  16. Hello all, I am back. Recently my ultimaker 2 has been very busy as people get to know about 3D printing over here. I have had several issues. First was no filament extrusion, I opened up the extruder and cleaned it out. Now, I am having shifted layers during printing. I have tried everything suggested in the visual trouble shooting guide, without success. I will appreciate all the help I can get.
  17. @SandervG, yes the first print had holes and even a misalignment. I noticed this after I restarted the job when the power went off. I will look at top layer thickness as you suggested. About the ultimaker Go, what is the possibility of getting one for exhibition from ultimaker. I think it wiĺl serve a great deal as my audience will be able to experience the machine live during events.
  18. These are the two models I showcased. The first was supposed to take 42 hours but stopped after 26 hours. the Last did not take so much time. The good thing about the first that the architects were able to see the internal lattice structure and how detailed the printing can be. This helped in the explanation.
  19. @SandervG, my sample pictures are not that clear, poor lighthing and not so great phone camera. I will get a photographer to take some shots so I will upload. A skyscraper model and a miniature soldier model all from thinginverse. I will check out the ultimaker Go as you recommended. Thanks and cheers.
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