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  1. I loaded up some custom firmware to run some checks and about a quarter of the LCD blocks appear white and then slowly fade out, but the rotary encoder is still effecting things on the screen. E.g When you turn it blocks flicker and when pressed in the usual click noise is made from the speaker.
  2. According to cura the board should be loaded with "MarlinUltimaker -25000".
  3. I own an Ultimaker original and an Ulticontroller. The Ulticontroller doesn't seem to be working, as in its not displaying any text. The contrast settings are fine and I've tried swapping the data cables, it does nothing. I don't think its receiving any data, or theres a firmware problem? Any ideas?
  4. Im wanting to buy a E3D V6 3m Bowden Hot end for my Ultimaker Origional after somehow breaking the thermistor. It seems a good addition to the machine and although the thermistor is broken everything else works fine. However, with me not being an Electrical genius, The voltages have somewhat confused me. The Ultimaker outputs 18v to the Hot end, so would it be better for the machine to use a 12V or 24V Hot End?? - Ben
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