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  1. Do you need help for assemble, if you are done pick the best answer(s).
  2. Brown spots is really not a problem.
  3. I use Ultimaker 3D Filament on my borrowed Lulzbot. it worked fine.
  4. Make sure the fans work,maybe use extra power and use an arduino or something.
  5. It says risk of fire. I am trying to help, is that a problem?
  6. I have the RoBo 3D, It is unenclosed and the risk for fire is not worth it, I can print Polycarbonate easily.
  7. I asked him if he need this, maybe another brand?
  8. What is the specs on all of the power supplies? For example, Voltage, Ampere, etc.
  9. Do you specifically want this because there are other filaments.
  10. I hope it is less expensive so I can afford it. You do pay a Premium price with the Ultimaker.
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