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  1. thanks for all.i recheck the origin model and tried to convert it into stl files.in meshmixer, it doesn't show so much error in mesh like obj does. but in Cura. them get the same annoying inside supports. meshmixer also generate those annoying supports but seems much better.i'll attach both of them. this the custom support in Z-suite I said above. in Z-suite custom support it seems to be acceptable. pingshen.stl
  2. stl file has already been tested but get the same confusions. and sld file as well. i ve also tested the custom support which still generate support though the bottle wall.so i m so confused if its a bug of cura. To get more testing ,i ve also tried Z-suite of Zortrax since i got one M200 printers.In Z-suite,custom edge support may generate proper support if point on the "edge" of the bottle neck but get the same as Cura did if point on closer surface of the neck.i wonder if i had explained correctly for my poor english. i have installed the mesh tools also. it warned that the model isnt watertight. But it seems that its not the major case that cause my problem. if needed i can attach stl file.
  3. it's already be set to 80 and still generate supports inside the bottle,overhang angle up to 82 as well, but generate none support when set to 83...
  4. i am trying to print a bottle with overhang at about neck which need to generate support structures. but why cura generate support through my model just from build plate up to the overhang?like this i dont need those support inside the bottle. anyone who can help me to remove them? i also attached the obj of my bottle. if anyone got suggestions? pingshen.obj
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