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  1. i recieved the nozzle, thanks for the help. There is nothing to complain about the ultimaker support any more!
  2. @SandervG thats it? Or all on holiday? I'm very disappointed at the moment that you (team ultimaker) don’t care at all about the promise you gave several times in this thread. Thumbs down! @gr5 true, but i was happy with the original parts and the olsson block isn´t that cheap. So i hope to get a chance for the promised parts...
  3. Hello Sander, i came in contact with the ultimaker support because my ultimaker 2 needs a new nozzle. The Problem is: they couldn't help me in the way you mentioned above so that i can get the extra nozzle + ptfe for existing users. First i was forwarded to igo3d- no help - ultimaker support said on my second mail that hot end is not covered by warranty (i know) and i have to buy the spare parts. So how i can get these parts (which is a very nice service for existing users, but how?) (yeah, there were problems with my existing forum login, too) many thanks
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