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  1. Will this feeder design work with an Ultimaker 2Go? https://www.youmagine.com/designs/alternative-um2-feeder-version-two
  2. I have had good luck with Hatchbox PLA, both their 3mm and 1.75mm filaments have performed very well.
  3. Can someone please suggest a good printable replacement shroud for the 2Go?
  4. Is there any way to make the new extruder work with the UM2Go?
  5. Are the cooling fans in the Um2+ the same as the 2 as far as power (I think I saw they are quieter.)
  6. Will just the new fan shroud be available as a replacement part to upgrade Um2Gos with?
  7. Will the new fan shroud fit the Um2Go? Are the fans the same as the Um2/2Go?
  8. Am I correct in assuming the 2+ upgrade kit will also fit the Ultimaker 2Go?
  9. All we did was spray it with Krylon gray primer, then paint with regular craft acrylics, and then finish off the stonework with a dry brushing of Unbleached Titanium acrylic by Liquitex. I'm really happy with the Ultimaker Gray/Silver PLA, we've been testing a lot of filaments by various manufactures and the gray/silver is holding the very tiny details far better than anything else we've tried.
  10. Version 1.0


    Modular interlocking dungeon terrain for 28mm miniatures
  11. Here's some prototype models we did in the FDG office. Each piece is 2"x2":
  12. This is a small model I made to test out different types of PLA and learn how to use Cura more effectively. The cube is 1/2" in height, this particular one is printed at 100 micron, 20mm/sec, 190 temp using Ultimaker Gray/Silver PLA. I am really pleased with the detail we are getting on our small Ultimaker 2 Go we put in our office.
  13. So should it actually be changing the temperature setting on my Ultimaker 2 Go? It stays at 210 unless I manually change it on the machine regardless of what I have the Cura/Gcode file set at.
  14. Since the actual printing temperature has to be set via the control panel on the printer itself, does setting it also in Cura actually do anything as far as the GCode file?
  15. Has anyone tried PLA filament sold by 3D Universe (made by Toner Plastics)? http://shop3duniverse.com/collections/3d-universe-filament/products/3d-universe-pla-filament-2-85-mm
  16. I just got an Ultimaker 2 Go about a week ago (first experience with 3D printing of any kind) and just made this. 2" tall, 60 micron resolution. This forum has been a fantastic resource for getting up to speed and diagnosing some minor issues fine-tuning the printer!
  17. I was printing at that temperature because I've been having issues with under extrusion, even after making sure the print head wasn't clogged. I think the culprit may be the filament feed mechanism. Mine appears to be grinding the filament pretty severely, can anyone tell me where the little white tension indicators should be on an Ultimaker 2 Go? Mine came from he factory clear at the top, but I read here not he forums that anything after mid-2014 should be in the middle. Is this correct?
  18. Does anyone know what the cause of this buildup of PLA on the top of my models is from? I'm new to 3D printing, so total newb here. I'm running PLA at 230 degrees, 30mm speed and .06 resolution. One box file printed perfect, the one on the left has the blobs of plastic around the tube. Here it is around the antenna of the Ultimaker robot. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  19. Version 1.0


    Finished model is 2" tall, printed at 60 microns with PLA on my Ultimaker 2 Go.
  20. I ended up buying from Dynamism as well, excellent service all around.
  21. I am having an issue with Cura when I open up .stl files I create in both Blender and Sketchup. In all cases, the model file opens up incredibly tiny, nowhere close to the actual model size (for example, a 4cm wide model opened up at approx .1 mm.) What am I doing wrong?
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