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  1. I remember seeing awhile ago a kit either on youmagine or thingiverse that moved the feeder and mounted it directly on top of the print head removing the bowden tube entirely. Im having a lot of issues with printing and i feel like the tube is one of the bigger ones. Does anyone know where i can find this? Also has anyone had any success with the 2-2+ upgrade kit? I'm thinking about getting it but dont want to spend $400 and still not be able to print.
  2. Tried switching from PLA to ABS. No matter what i do the filament will not stick to the plate. i have tried using glue, worked less than the bare plate, used hairspray, worked but the edges always flared up, even with a brim, any supported edges just fly up off the plate about 2 hours into the print. Ive even obtained a top secret build plate that the design company uses and it still wont stick. The nozzle gets up to 230 just fine but the plate takes forever to get to 110 and then immediately drops down to 100 after the print starts. Why is this not working?
  3. Im in the US. Do you know when this adapter will be available?
  4. I just bought the Ultimaker 2 Extended. It works virtually flawlessly with the Ultimaker PLA. I bought a 3rd party ABS filament because it was $20 cheaper however it wont extrude during the print. It works fine during the filament change and cleaning out the nozzle before the print. The filament is significantly smaller at 1.63 mm in diameter. Would changing the flow rate fix that? i have already tried using glue on the build plate. I have not re calibrated the bed but I have only had it for a few weeks. What would you guys suggest to fix this? I really don't want to have to replace the 3 roll
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