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  1. Thanks for the tip. I just downloaded V2.1, found X ray mode and is shows the hole as a red item. More strange is the smaller holes have gone when viewed in layers view. Can I do anything to help CURA see or repair poor features or does this come from the CAD file?. Thanks
  2. Sorry, I can't seem to find X Ray mode on CURA, only solid or layers I'm Running version 15.06.03. From looking at the model in CURA, it looks like its a surface model and not a solid piece of geometry, I suspect it's bad geometry, I guess in future this will just have to be repaired in CAD, I'm assuming CURA isn't able to repair or slice through bad geometry?. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the replies. I've not got my computer at the moment, but from memory the hole did not show at any stage of the slicing view. I've never seen X-ray mode, this is on the Mac version, is it Windows only?. The file opened on my CAD package and did display the extra hole. Can you give more information on how The file could be wrong!.ref areas in X-ray mode show bad geometry?.
  4. Hi everyone. Just looking for a little help on an Issue i've had on a recent print. I received a .Stl model file for printing, loaded it into Cura for slicing and printing all went well. I noticed that some of the features on the model are not present in the final model, Cura also does not show these features in slice view mode. Images attached. The central section has three holes on it, in the sliced layers view the central hole is missing. Is this Cura not seeing a feature or is the native file got some kind of error / versioning in it?.
  5. Cool thanks, I'll have a try. I got it working by using an Ultimaker + profile in CURA. submitted it remotely and it printed great. I just need to get a camera mount printed. I'm assuming the .json file is basically what the graphical flavour setting is?.
  6. Thanks for the link it was helpful. I'm running CURA on a mac and there seems to be no way of changing the machine settings?. https://ultimaker.com/en/community/view/17196-reprap-mode-and-cura-150603-possible Exporting it for the printer profile ultimaker + seems to be a bit of a work around. Can I just cut and past the highlighted text in the images with the code on the left?. down to ";type skirt" Your ball raced spool holder is very good!
  7. HI all I'm new round here and just getting to grips with my Ultimaker 2. I've just setup Octoprint on a raspberry PI and hooked it up to my Ultimaker 2. It all went really well, however if I take a file slice it in CURA, then upload if for printing it starts to print but the bed does not raise, the filament goes all over and nothing prints. Am I missing a trick to printing over USB?. Do i need to set the bed height or have CURA export it?. Thanks
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