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  1. Hello, I have a ultimaker 2+, I'm using the supplied 4gb micro SD card and cura 4.4.0. I have plenty of space in my SD card and I'm not sure what is causing the error. Also, I updated the ultimaker 2 + firmware through the cura app but I can't find any information on what the update was for. Can someone help me with this issue?
  2. Hello, I have an ultimaker 2 and I did the + upgrade about a few weeks before the launch of the ultimaker 3. I haven't had any major issues since doing the upgrade except for the occasional print head rubbing against the side of the wall when returning home. I tried to fix that by bending the metal tab for the sensor a little forward and it seems to temporarily fix the issue. However, I don't think this issue is related to the issue I'm currently facing with leveling my bed after putting a .15 nozzle. I have tried many times to level the bed but I can't seem to an even layer, I tried adjustin
  3. Hello, I designed on fusion 360 something to hold my shaving stuff and decided to print it in two parts. these are the settings I'm using in cura: I printed the first part and this is how it came out: What am I doing wrong? I don't seem to have an issue when I print other objects from lets say on thingiverse.
  4. I believe the filament is brittle because when I looked at the end of of the filament on the roll it has a "clean" break
  5. on the lable UM-9080-A On the small sticker UM-7021B075 150721A01 347 I leave the printer on while I'm at work and when I come back the filament is broken at the feeder. it has happened to me twice.
  6. IDK if that's going to be enough, the problem is I leave the printer on while I'm at work and the two things I tried printing both are big pieces so I don't really know how to check for how long it take for it to print or how much of it does it go through before it does.
  7. Yup my roll is UM brand but I got it from dynamism. I don't have any other kind of large roll of PLA. the other problem is I'm leaving the printer to print while I'm at work so I don't know how much it goes through before it breaks and the prints that I've been trying are a bit big.
  8. Ok so updates I think I got the situation fixed I with the help what was said here and gr5 I got the printer working better. here is the progress I've had with it. 1st 2nd 3rd However! now I'm having troubles with the filament there's two occasions where I left the printer running and came back to a "finished" print that was incomplete because the filament had broken at the feeder
  9. You keep describing underextrusion which although it has about 40 possible causes (10 listed above) none of the causes I know about have anything to do with printing multiple prints. Did you check any of the 10 things above out? Like printing slower? The bottom layer prints slower so that might be why it comes out without as much underextrusion. Please re-read the very first answer to your original post. Above - up at the top. The one with the listing of causes for underextrusion which are numbered. As far as I can tell you didn't test out a single one of those 10 possible causes - when
  10. It's not the nozzle I already tried the atomic method everything is clean, I used move material and the pla oozes out beautifully and even switched the ptfe coupler.
  11. I just want to say thank you all for trying to help me out I really appreciate it. Now, I don't why the Honda valve cover is not printing smoothly I tried messing with the angles and setting in cura and it did nothing, I give up. I have yet to reprint the terminator jaw because I'm printing these Honda valve covers however, I'm running into the same issue I had on the first post, under extrusion. When I go on cura to duplicate the valve cover and then set it to print everything seems to print normal however once it starts on adding on layers there's little pla coming out. I was able to mess wi
  12. maybe you can see it better on this print.... you can see vertical lines, the surface isn't smooth, ect..
  13. ok thank you for the advice I did the test and stuff suggested got it to print better but now im getting this..... these are the settings I'm using. any suggestions on how to fix this or what could be causing it?
  14. Hello! I am new to the 3d printing seen and I just received my Ultimaker 2 about a week ago. I did everything necessary and accordingly to calibrate the bed and I have done some research understanding how different options can affect a print. Well over the past 30+hrs I had set to print a t800 skull heres the link (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:548335) the job started to look good however as the layers got higher the fill and quality of the print degraded, I noticed this with smaller objects I printed also. I dont understand why it is doing this can anybody help me? I used pla filament th
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