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  1. Hi everyone! I guess its an easy one, but it has been buggering me all evening. I have Cura installed on my desktop and laptop, but for some reason, on the laptop i cant make the Post Processing menu appear, there is nothing else but Update Checker under the Extensions menu. I tried updating to 3.3, but still the problem occur.. Any idea what cause this?
  2. Here is a suggestion, if you can, print your object upside down, so the top layer will be on the bed and will be shiny like a mirror.
  3. Thank you both for the answers. @tinkergnome, it was indeed that parameter. unchecking the box fixed it.
  4. Hi there, i have an issue with Cura, and thought maybe someone know a workaround. If you look at my screenshot, you can see that despite the fact that combing is activated, Cura is making the head travel out of the print. the weirdest part its that it is not the shortest path, the head is making a long U path, leaving unpleasant blob on the surface of my print. Do you guys also have the issue? Do you know which settings i can try for that? Thank you.
  5. Thak you very much for the tip avogra! It came out perfectly.
  6. Ultimaker 2 Cura 15.04.02 Resolution 0,2mm Hi everyone, i have a very weird issue with the machine, i hope someone can help me. here is my problem, i want top use 3 colors in my print, so i added 2 instance of the plugin "pause at height" in cura. The first at 0.8mm and the 2nd at 1.4mm. the final object is 1.6mm thick (it's a coaster) When it arrive at 0.8mm , the printer pause, i hot swap the filament (i dont use filament change options), hit "resume print", then the machine go to position where its supose to continue printing, but then it retract the filament for something like 30cm!.. Then go back to pause without moving. When i hit "resume print" again it push the same amount of filament and continue printing. The second instance of pause at height (at 1.4mm) dont even work, it continue printing till the end. I tried changing the retraction amount in the plugin from 5mm to 0.5mm, but it printed just the same. Here is the Gcode https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=D18180CFEA9F3214!15846&authkey=!AAMqvBFYlbbaFZQ&ithint=file%2cgcode And a printscreen of the plugin setting What am i doing wrong? I printed many times with 2 colours without issue like this.
  7. Hi there Cloakfiend! First of all i want to THANK YOU VERY MUCH! for trying to smooth PLA with acetone. I read all over the web that its impossible, but yet you tried it and it work! I feel stupid following advice from people that dont even tried it.. Anyway i experimented myself too and your are right it work wonderfully! But not with every PLA brand.. I tried with the blue UM PLA that came with my printer, this work very nicely, but i also tried with colorfabb PLA/PHA traffic red, and its not working that wall.. I should mention i use the vapor technique. i tried the dip but it tend to bleach the colour, and what i want is nice color, because i dont want to repaint it. Anyway here are my questions: Did you tried different brand of PLA? Wich one work best for you? I like UM filament for its smoothability but there is not a lot of colour in that brand.. Did you tried other PLA filament like Fabdashery, Formfutura or ICE? Maybe you can give us a list of smoothable filament, that would be very educative for the community. To bring grist to the mill, here is a pic of a PLA object i made, smoothed using acetone vapor Cheers!
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