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  1. Glad to hear its been found. So is the testing version pretty stable then? Just contains the fixed code? Thanks!
  2. I did just find a fix to get around it. If the UM3 is not seeing the USB drive,If you go to change the material and then place the USB drive in the UM3 and go through the process of changing out material, once you go back to the main menu the UM3 will see the USB drive again.
  3. It happens to me every time I unplug the USB drive. I used the USB drive that came with my UM3, Sandisk 4GB,Sandisk 8GB,a USB memory card reader that had a old 256 MicroSD card,8GB and 16GB memory cards. The dump Files wont write to the USB drives, It throws up some sort of error,If you power cycle the machine where it can see the USB drives it will write the dump files just fine.
  4. David, Im having the same problem as well. I got my printer like 2 weeks after launch and didnt touch the firmware after that so I had what ever came on the printer. Ive tried a few things, it seems like after every print if I remove the USB drive and put it back in the UM3 will not see it. This goes for every drive I have tested so far. (5 to be exact) I have reformatted the drives as well and still have the same issue. Now one thing I did notice is I have a USB memory card ready, I placed a file on the SD card and placed the USB drive in the printer and the printer sees it, Now if I keep t
  5. I came here wanting to say after the firmware update,If I unplug the USB drive to load new files on it and then plug the drive back into the UM3 it will display nothing but "Return" I have to turn off and back on the UM3 again to get it to see the thumb drive again. Ive tried 3 thumb drives so far,All have the same problem.
  6. Well I tried a factory restart as I lost connection on wired as well,The UM3 said it was restarting and the screen just went blank and the lights stayed on,I left it like that for about 1 hour and went ahead and turned the machine off and back on again,Now nothing!!!!! I hear 2 clicks under the machine and nothing,No lights or anything,The only light that is on is the little red light under the machine. Any thoughts? =(
  7. So ive run into a weird issue,When I went to cura to send a print over wifi I noticed it didnt see my UM3. So I checked the status on the connection on the printer and didnt see an IP address or anything. So when I go an try to rerun the wifi set up it just sits at creating a wifi hotspot,And I mean it sat for over an hour doing this,When I cancel it just defaults back to LAN,I have tried running an ethernet cable to the printer and it instantly pulls an IP address so I believe it has something to do with the WIFI Module? However I prefer wireless as I currently am running a 150FT ethernet cab
  8. I use the UPS and they work good. I also have a small generator as well just in case power is out for extended amount of time.
  9. Mine has about 6K hours on it and still running. (Knock on wood) Those items are not covered under warranty so you were good to buy them.
  10. Another thing you can do that others have done is flip the glass plate when the bed is leveling and ounces it's done just flip it over again to the buildtak side
  11. Just for giggles I tried it last night,as soon as you pull the print core out,the printer gives you a temp error and you have to reset the machine.
  12. You may want to try to print even slower for your first layer. Also different material sticks better than others,so maybe try a direct roll of filament. You can also put some extra glue at the area and that should help as well.
  13. The black piece that is attached to the printer,Take it off and assemble it with the piece you have to the left of the picture. (Basically you want this all assembled). Now as 1 piece put the screws through the holes and attach it to the stepper motor. It will make it a whole lot easier if you take the white metal cover that covers the stepper motor so you can align the screws better. Edit: after looking at the pieces I believe you put the parts in the wrong case. Try putting them in the case that is currently connected to the printer.
  14. Ahh,that makes sense. I went through every setting. Thanks for the help,yea I hope this is added soon.
  15. Thanks for the tip. Im using Cura 2.3.1 which I got off of UM site, I cant seem to find the Advance Initial Line Width. I even tried searching for it and I can only see Initial Line Speed. Am I missing something? Thanks
  16. Hi all, I just got my UM3 yesterday and love it,However I am getting way over extrusion on my first layer. Is there a setting in cura that I can mess with the multiplier for the first layer? Ive always used S3D so im brand new to Cura and learning it as I go. Right now im messing with the flow settings but I know that will mess up the model after the first layer. Thanks for any help.
  17. You may want to contact your reseller for a replacement. In the meantime I believe a file for the axis holder is on Youmagine that you can print and should tide you over in the meantime.
  18. I just got my UM3 today and I hear the ticks as well. Like Erin said I believe it could be the XY axis. I noticed the default print speed in cura for UM3 was much faster than what I use from S3D,Once I turned the speed down I noticed the noise stop. Maybe try slowing down the speed a bit to see if that helps?
  19. I figured it out! So after thinking I didnt make the connection right under the printer I kept taking it plugging and unplugging and still nothing,So I decided to take apart the spool holder and what do you know the connection to the NFC reader was barely connected. Now it reads like a charm =)
  20. So I just got my UM3 and so far everything seems to be working great. However my UM3 cant recognized any filament. I checked the connection for the NFC reader and everything and it still cant see the rolls of UM filament that I installed. Any suggestions? I know I read someone else had the problem as well. Thanks
  21. I would be interested in this as well as I think a lot of my rolls won't fit. I don't know for sure until my unit comes Friday.
  22. Ive had this issue,Are you using a Mac? My problem was when ejecting the SD card from the Mac,Some how the card got corrupted and would cause my UM to go nuts on some prints and even stop in the middle of a print. This was happening to files that I had successfully printed a number of times before. I filed a bug report with Apple and they found the issue and said it should be fixed.
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