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  1. Sorry I'm so late i responding! I got the printer to work great despite the fact that the two connections are not as tight as they were originally. So for now, I'm moving forward. Thanks for taking the time to respond and effort to help! Scott
  2. I have an Ultimaker 2 and I've replaced the nozzle and the wiring that connects to the thermostat and temp sensor. Now these fight but loosely. Am I supposed to put some type of glue or compound on them to make them fit snugly? Thanks in advance for you time and attention! Scott
  3. I have an Ultimaker 2 and have to replace the wires that go to the print head. One connects inside the back and the to the thermistor that monitors the temperature and the other I believe heats the head. Both of theses wires run from inside the printer, out the back and up through a shield (fabrics wrapping like tube that all wires route through) over the top of the printer to the print head. In the past I believe There used to be videos that showed how to disassemble the back to get to the wire connectors. Can anyone tell me where I might find this type of video or instruction? I’ll continue
  4. Sorry I have not been a this site a lot. I was exporting the file in the wrong format.
  5. Has anyone purchased any parts for their Ultimaker 2 in the US? When I went to the Netherlands site, I wasn't able to read the page (even after translating it) and when I found a kit that appeared to have the items I'm needing there was no packing list to know for sure what was included in the kit. Also, there was no mention of US dollar price? How is everyone else getting their new parts? I'm in need of the two items that connect to the nozzle. I believe one heats the nozzle and the other is the sensor to determine the nozzle temperature. Thanks in advance! Scott
  6. Thanks for taking your time to respond! The problem was user! ;0) I was forgetting a step so the file type was incorrect. All good now!
  7. Did you ever find a solution to this issue? I tried another SD card but it didn't work either. I have thought about upgrading the firmware but if I can't read the card not sure about my options at this point. Need look into other methods. If you or someone else was able to resolve please let me know! Thanks Scott
  8. Thank you nallath! I've got some things that I need to print for the holiday but will do this after these projects have been completed. I appreciate you taking the time to response and contribute! Scott
  9. First thank you in advance! My Cura still says "Calculating" after I minimizing the quality a small amount. It never seems to come back and say that its' ready for me to save to my disk? What kinds of reasons might this happen? Thanks Scott It appears that when at the bottom when the blue bar says' "Save to Disk" that its' ready. No matter what it says above (Calculating). I've tested this twice so I believe is just a little misleading. Thanks for responding
  10. Thank you for taking the your time to reply! I'll use what you have provided and see where that takes me. There are a couple things here that I have not attempted. Good advice! Scott
  11. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Hope this reaches you all in good health! I have a question about some of my prints. A few of the prints have what I'll call "hairy prints". Meaning that there are small pieces of material elongated like a hair that are stuck to say a base layer laid down. I've tried to modify the retraction settings but have not had much luck. What might be causing this? Thoughts anyone? Thanks in advance! Scott
  12. I had a print job that started to not print. The print head was raise above the printed material. Assuming that the printer is confused and the file is good, can I readjust the print head just above where the printer left off and restart the job? Is it that smart? Thanks in advance! Scott
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