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  1. Hi Torgeir, I checked the fan today and that seems to be running fine with no issues. I did however do an atomic clean on the nozzle and found that the filament had a 'barb' on one side. I have since changed the PTFE coupler and the metal piece that goes with it. (I was going to change the hot end however I couldn't get the thermocouple out). It seems to be working fine now however I might buy the + conversion kit to get the extra features. Thanks for your help! Tom.
  2. I have recently begun to have a problem where when I come to print a model the filament gets jammed somewhere close to the nozzle. However this only happens when I have not changed the material after a print. When I come to start a new print nothing will come out of the nozzle and often will hear the clicking of the feeder stepper motor. I have no idea what's causing it as i have taken the whole print head assembly apart and made sure there's nothing obvious blocking and that the tube is fully inserted into the PTFE coupler. It never used to have this problem and it is getting irritating now a
  3. Hi Markus, You will need to remove the bearings from the rods as they are sealed (this unfortunately means removing the rods too.) You have to take the rods out from the underside which is a pain. It's definitely worth it though. I used to have nearly half my prints failing and since doing this I have printed about 15 things and all turned out perfectly so I believe this has solved the problem.
  4. Hi, I've had the same problem and i'm pretty sure i've now fixed it without sending my printer back. Here's a link to my post with a detailed description of what i did to solve it. https://ultimaker.com/en/community/17753-um-2-skipping-layers?page=1&amp%3Bsort=#reply-125974 . I would be very interested to know if it solves your problem too. And it may save you the hassle of having to send it back.
  5. I have just resolved this problem with my printer. Here is the link to my original post and my solution. https://ultimaker.com/en/community/17753-um-2-skipping-layers?page=1&sort=#reply-125974 . At the bottom I have described how I solved it. I found that the problem was due to the bearings sticking so after taking it apart and removing the bearings, I cleaned them through with WD-40. I have since printed many things without any issue and feel confident to print anything without the risk of this happening again. Hope this solves it for you.
  6. Many thanks for all the help I received with my 'missing layers' printing issue. I am pretty sure that I have now solved the problem and I understand what the issue has been. I have now printed a fair number of things and all of them without the problem recurring. For anyone else that may experience the same problem (which I have had from day one day of receiving my printer!) I've jotted down a few notes below which may be of some use. When printing I would regularly find that the print would appear to have a missing layer such that the print could easily be pulled apart. This became a re
  7. Thanks for such a quick response. I'm going to contact Ultimaker and see what they say. Out of interest did you source replacement bearings from Ultimaker or find them yourself? Just noticed your location...not to far from me (Perton in Wolverhampton)...small world!!
  8. I printed out a 20mm high bracket last week and again got my ‘missing layers’ problem. This time it was at 14mm, rather than at the 10mm position as before so the position of these missing layers is showing some variability. So I decided to take a look at the z-axis bearings. First of all I manually raised and lowered the bed. It felt reasonably OK but it is difficult to tell what is ‘normal’ as I have nothing to compare it with and of course you have to back drive the lead screw and stepper motor. So I set about re-aligning the linear bearings. Before re-tightening the 8 screws, I remov
  9. Hi, Thanks for the response, I will definitely be trying that this weekend and hope it works. However the printer is new and only printed approximately 70m of material so i will be annoyed if the bearings have already begun to fail. I will post my results once i've tried everything. Many Thanks
  10. Hi, Thanks for your response, I will definitely try this this weekend (sorry, i've been very busy recently) and hope that that fixes it. I have already lowered the maximum current with no luck. However the guide you have linked will hopefully help solve the problem. I will post my results after testing the different methods. Many Thanks
  11. Hi, Thanks for your response, yes thats exactly what I get! I did put some of the green grease on the Z axis screw but none on the pillars. When I manually raise and lower the bed it seems to move reasonably OK. I've added a picture to show what I am getting.
  12. Hi, I'm currently using PLA and the default PLA settings (210 nozzle, 60 bed, 50mm/s, 0.1mm layer height)
  13. Thanks for your response. I have already tried the atomic clean and the filament comes straight off the roll into the printer so i don't think it could be tangled. I will have a play with Cura however and use 15.04.2 for some test prints and try the suggestions on the very helpful link you sent. I will report back once i have tried all of these. Many Thanks Tom
  14. Hi, I recently bought an Ultimaker 2 and i keep getting the same problem, after approx. 10mm it seems to skip layers sometimes and I get gaps in the print however it is random when it happens and never happens in the same place twice. Ive tried various plastics and cleaning the nozzle but still get the same problem. This problem is currently stopping me from being able to print large items due to the fact that 75% of my prints have to be thrown away. I have attached some pictures to show what it looks like. [/media] Many thanks -Tom- Ultimaker 2 Cura 15.06.03 (Mac)
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