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  1. I'm looking forward to the expansion kit for the Ultimaker 2 for dual material extrusion. I see the kit is available for the original one, and the UM2 print head and box and fillament holder already have been engineered where parts can be added.
  2. Nice job on the Cura software. I'm new to 3-d printing and solids modeling in general being a software guy by trade. I found all the hidden tweaks an am experimenting with them - good stuff. I have a few suggestions for improvements if I can post them here or is there a better place for bugs and such? 1) Duplicating parts and moving them leads to ever increasing mouse/object offset errors. Its like the mouse thinks its at the edge, but the part is in the middle. 2) Saving STL file does not preserve edits such as scaling and rotation or duplication. You just save the same thing you loaded.
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