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  1. In practice, I think most computer fans can take a lot more than their rated voltage due to the simple nature of their circuits. I have a friend who pushed a computer fan to over 25v before it blew up. As for longevity, I broke the original fan that came with my printer, so I got a new 50mm fan rated for 12v. It's been working fine for a few years now. I did notice that the motor of the 30mm hotend fan got rather toasty when given the full 19v, so I wired a few 330 ohm resistors into the fan lead to drop the voltage and thus the heat. What I'm really worried about is h
  2. Hey I'm working on an e3d v6 conversion, and I'm wondering about how much current I can pull from the stock fan circuit. I plugged two 12v 0.1A fans (wired in parallel) and they didn't start spinning until 91% power, so I worry that they're drawing a lot of current from the circuit. Does anyone know the limitations of this circuit?
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