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COMME des MACHINES is a fashion and technology specialized studio founded in 2012. Further than our work as consultants, since 2014 we also offer biodegradable and customizable 3D printed solutions for the fashion industry: buckles, buttons, accessories, 3D printing on fabric... Aligned with sustainable, local, small and slow commerce, we choose digital technologies as a essential tool for building on new paradigms. Our main customers/partners are shops, brands and designers. Among the most distinguished ones you can find: honest by Bruno Pieters (in partnership with them we made the first downloadable fashion accessories collection of the history), 44 Store, Moises Nieto, Petrucha, Oliver & Co and Basati. Aran Azkarate, Andres Iglesias, Jon Mikel Azkarate and Suso Kinki are the members of Comme Des Machines. The four of us, together with our herd of 3D printers, work committed with the idea that the age of machines will be the age of people. #JumpToTheFuture
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