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  1. Same socket it's always been plugged into.. Can a socket become non-grounded?
  2. I know there are a couple of old posts about this issue on the board already, but I'm getting regular shocks from my machine. I even get zapped inserting the SD card.. can't believe it doesn't wipe the data! I can't believe it's static buildup as it happens every few minutes. Also, never happened before with the machine in the same position, same power outlet, same environmental factors etc.. Anyone know where I should look for a cause?
  3. Solved! @gr5 You were right: Martin at Bondtech came back straight away 😃 Here is the link to the datasheet: http://www.micropap.com/pdf/nema17/SY42STH47-1684MA.pdf
  4. Indeed he is, but this is a feeder motor from Ultimaker not BondTech.. thought I'd ask here first😊
  5. I got the Bondtech upgrade for my UM2 ext (not+) which means I have a spare stepper motor. I plan to use it to drive an indexed turntable, but I can't find anywhere the specifications and power requirements for it. The sticker is unhelpfully worn smooth exept the numbers1648A. Can anyone help? Motor measures 42x42x49, I think it's 0.9 deg steps..? Thanks, Cairn
  6. Ha, inches! Don't run across those much anymore..
  7. I usually end up with a model gap of at least 0.2mm to get a tight but moving fit between 2 parts, so that's 17x your gap!
  8. There should be an entry in the "Maintenance" menu (on the printer) - it shows a date and a version name. OK thanks, so I have version 15.02.1ex from Feb 2015..
  9. Haha no idea, how do I find out? (srsly) Anyway, regardless of the firmware version, I need to know how to reconcile the y-zero in S3D with the y-zero in the UM2..
  10. Ah Oops, edited above, thanks (UM2 Ext) ..
  11. Not sure if this is an Ulti or an S3D question, but when I import a model (into S3D) and press center and arrange, the print will look good in the preview, but end up offset on the print-bed +4.5mm in the Y axis, and if it's too big, the print head will 'hit the wall' :(. I guess I need to either change the machine firmware setup, or change the machine definition in S3D. Any ideas? Thanks, Cairn (edit: My machine: UM2 Ext )
  12. Yeah sorry, but its hard to see in the video so I didn't bother, but the effect is fast,fast,slow,slow,fast, etc. I'm already printing .2mm layers, I wouldn't want to go much thicker for cosmetic reasons. In the end I'm ok with 90mm/sec I guess..
  13. High quality and high speed don't match. You are right, but- Hehe, actually I also tested underspeeding on this project just to cover the bases, and there is definitely a minimum speed below which you get a lot of fogging/bubbling in the print (clear or natural colour filament, reducing temp didn't fix). It realy reminds me that you need to find the right balance of settings for each and every type of print..
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