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  1. Hey guys and girls, I need some help, my bowden tube is being held by the coupling collet at the feeder side. I cant get it out. I removed the blue clamp clip, pressed down the coupling collet and pull on the tube but it won't come out... What should I do? I am replacing the tube. Since I don't really need it afterwards it wouldn't be too bad if it gets destroyed. Nevertheless I'd like it not to. Furthermore I am using a custom feeder (IRobertI), look at the picture . Thanks in advance! Moe
  2. Thank you, (nicely detailed) information like this is what you should find on the sales site. The site only tells me what is new but not how it benefits in comparison to the old system. At least it doesn't to the extend I would like to see. Edit: Oops, actually all the information you said is on the sales site. So keep up the good work!
  3. Thank you very much for the reply. For a start I won't buy the upgrade and will consider your advice. Though there isn't any reseller in Germany who only sells the feeder, you can only buy the whole upgrade for 500€...
  4. Hey guys, I was thinking about getting the Ultimaker 2 extrusion upgrade kit. My problem with spending ~470€ is that I don't need most of the parts. I don't need a completely new print head as my sensor, heater and fans work perfectly. Moreover I will soon purchase an Olsson block from a cheaper source. All I am interested in is replacing the feeder as I heard it will improve changability of material as well as grinding less on the filament reducing the occurance of under extrusion and other problems. Now my question is if there is a difference in the new stepper motor compared to the already installed one. On the internet I find sites like aliexpress that offer the geared feeder (number 4 on the official sales site) but no motor. If I ordered one of the geared feeders will they work with the old motor of my UM2? The feeder alone will cost about 40€, saving me about 430€ which is, let's be honest, desirable. Thanks in advance for every answer, Moe
  5. Thank you! I tried the search function but seemed to not have searched with the correct words I indeed printed with 0.08mm thin layers. I will try printing thicker next time and if I understood correctly, use a separate fan to cool from beneath the print.
  6. Hey guys, This is my first post and I'm rather new to 3d printing. Hopefully you can help me It seemed to me that this is the biggest community for 3d printing. As well I hope this is the right place to post this and that I give you enough information. I will attach an image so you can follow my problem. I have just started a print which has a lot of support material in the beginning. Slowly adding more and more material to the actual object these parts started warping upwards on the edges. Now every time the extruder went from one side of a part to another side, it hit against the warped parts, causing the whole printbed to shake horribly which does not seem healthy to me. I have an Ultimaker 2 and am printing with colorfabb pla/pha white, at 205°C, support material for angles above 65°, at 45mm/s. For this print I need several skin layers, 6 to be precise. Fans spinning at 100%. I would be glad if you knew how to solve this! Thanks in advance Moe
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