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  1. Please Tell me about, How to remove the support material after printed at Ultimaker? Or How to setup the 3d Print so that we can easy to remove the support material? Thank you for your attention.
  2. Version 1.0


    Dot a Tropy
  3. Version 1.0


    Relay Cover
  4. @DidierKlein Hmmmmt.... Because I think the SD Card Often we Remove and Plug. So May be SD Card Can infected Virus. I hope the ultimaker alright about it.
  5. @DidierKlein Why? Because I think so simple if I print the project directly from a PC or Laptop.Rather than I Print Via SD Card. Hee heee... O Ya.. What the ultimaker System may be Infected with the virus? If Yes? How To Solve the Problem?
  6. Hallo Everyone,:) I Want to ask about what the ultimaker can to Printing Without SD Card? So From PC or Laptop use USB Cable to Ultimaker?
  7. @Labern Ok Mr. Labern Thank you Very much for your attention and your help for me.
  8. maybe Strenght of XT similar with ABS, yes or no? but it have a some warping and not smell. The attractive materials maybe I will to try the material. Thank you Mr. Labern
  9. Yes I think so. I try with ABS but failed result, and then I try with PLA and so easier. But I'm a curious with ABS. heee....
  10. Thank You For your information Mr. Zoev89
  11. Thank you for your information, XT is a better than PLA I think, so what about XT be compare with ABS? ABS is familiar with human cos ABS is environment friendly materials. so what about XT?
  12. XT Filaments From Collorfabb is a type of material?? and Ultimaker to Provide the material?? XT Filaments From Collorfabb is harder than PLA?
  13. Haa... I Was to try with My Ultimaker Setting but the result is same. and now I try printing with PLA material and Binggo is so Good result Haa..... But I'm Curious about ABS, why is very difficult to the setting?? Anybody to share the experience with ABS to me? haaa.... This is the result when I used PLA material. Thank you very much for Mr. SandervG and Mr. DidierKlein
  14. Ok, I will to try printing with PLA. Thank You for your Information.
  15. What should I do? There should be to setting in the Printer? I was try to setting Speed till 80%, The print quality is a high quality. and then temperature at the plate is 95 C. You have other settings? can you share with me?
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